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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Oh my word you would have thought I was giving them icecream with candy on top or something

The girls had their very first Kindergarten homework yesterday and apparently it was THRILLING. Seriously, they squealed, lined up their new pencils and crayons, and couldn’t even wait for their beloved after-school snack before diving in.IMG_3375LR IMG_3380LR

From now until the end of the school year, they have a daily schedule of workbook pages to complete each night. Don’t laugh, but I naively assumed we’d need about 10 minutes to fly through the assignments each day. Um, not so much. Ro and Ree spent about an hour doing homework last night and the same amount of time tonight. Oops. To be fair, I don’t think the teacher expects full-page coverage with twenty different colors when she says to “complete the worksheet, then color in the pictures.” But that’s what they want to do for the time being, so we’re tackling homework earlier in the day now so the little darlings don’t get rushed.

By the way, I had the worst time figuring out what they were supposed to do on the below worksheet. The instructions are at the bottom, and I swear I read the freaking thing ten times before finally saying, “Well, um, OH! I think there are four possible shapes and each row is missing one of the shapes.” Argh!!!! Can you even imagine how much trouble I’m going to have helping them with their high-school homework?


So, how are your kiddos doing with homework so far? Do they love it, hate it, fly through it, agonize over making everything look perfect?

PS: Ro and Ree were telling about their day at school (with much coercion from me) and Ree said quite soberly “One of the kids in our class had to go to the princess’s office today.” Bwah ha!!!

PSPS: I have a million cute pics from Avila Beach this weekend that I will just have to post at a later date (sorry, mom!). My fave pic was this one of Ro and Ree watching their daddy play the tuba in an outdoor concert. It’s a framer for sure.IMG_3332LR


  1. Anonymous9/08/2010

    Even w/out the cast, I think everyone knows who is Ree and who is Ro on their homework picture~

  2. Oh yeah. Kindergarten homework can be complicated. But sometimes it can be fun so hang in there.

    The rule in our house is that they come home, have a small snack and start their homework before any TV or playtime and hopefully have it done before dinner is ready. It really helps with procrastination. Caroline is more stubborn with this than Peter (surprise, surprise).

  3. My 5 year old asked for more homework this weekend. She gets homework on Fridays only so she would LOVE it every day. Fast forward to my 8 year old who is in 3rd grade. She LOVED homework in Pre K, K and even 1st grade. It started losing its appeal last year and now this year I heard "I don't want to do homework - I hate it" She finished it though and got a "Great job" from me. So did my 5 year old. :-)

  4. Yeah, I got straight A's in high school, and I was done being able to help my girls with math about 8th grade.

  5. Anonymous9/09/2010

    Love the concert photo!
    Although Aunt Jane is going to have Tye-Dye envy when she see's it.

    Love ya,

    Uncle Bobby

  6. Anonymous9/09/2010

    Look at the last photo and how the position of their legs is identical. Wow!

    How did Ro and Ree explain what they were to do for their homework? The teacher should have gone over it with them so it would be interesting to hear what they believed they were to do. They both approached the task exactly as you have described them over the years. Remember the reading?

    They are amazing little girls!

  7. That is definitely a framer!! Cuteness!
    Well our homework is over the top this year! More homework then poor J has seen since fourth grade but hey he's loving it anyway! :)

  8. Funny about the homework - stumping the parents sydrome. (Donna posted something similar yesterday on FB.) I often am scratching my head and I think sometimes they make the instructions so obscure just to keep us thinking. I really thought it was me and I must be from another planet. Grade 1 was even worse. Here's hoping Grade 2 gets a bit better.

    Love the way your girls are lapping up the school and homework thing. May it always stay this way.

    Adorable picture of the kiddos at their Dad's (rock!) concert.

  9. I have a K and a 2nd grader and we haven't had any homework yet, but K homework is usually just one sheet! I have a boy so I am sure he will rush through it LOL!

    My 2nd grader took ages on her K homework because she had to color and draw and make it perfect!

  10. We're still exhausted out here in the Midwest. Luckily, no homework yet. Sara has made some up and taken it back in! She is also excited. I would have had NO idea what that worksheet wanted. Sara would have drawn her own shapes, not at all typical geometric type things. Any shape? How about a conifer? Our kids just got ability grouped in math and reading and with the youngest kid in the class, I'm busy having a heart attack today. It will pass. She'll catch up and it will pass.

  11. OMG! I recently had a conversation with my 13 and 14 yr olds about loving school and how they should use this chance etc. I also mentioned that I was planning to re-enroll myself now that they were all in school..THE VERY NEXT DAY: They got home from school as I was setting up to do homework with my 5 yr old. My 13 yr old walks past, looks over my shoulder and says, "Gee Mom, Back to school already? What you couldn't get in to college?".....I hate homework.

  12. We have a LOVE homework zone at our house too. She wants to start on next week's assignments by Tuesday.

  13. Maisie too tackles her homework as soon as we get home from school. I'm lucky though as most of the time she tells me that she can do it and doesn't want my help and if I try to interfere she gets upset so I let her do her thing and she then lets me go over it when she's finished. Cute piccies...but that's par for the course.

  14. That last picture is awesome! I've had to send homework back blank before because we just couldn't figure out what is was asking.

  15. MJ is in pre-K, and she gets homework on Friday that has to be completed by the following Wednesday. The first one was just one page of name writing practice. She is so strong-willed (read: hard-headed) that I was afraid it would be a struggle. It actually wasn't, and she even let me put my teacher skills to use and help her to work on how she was forming some of the letters.

  16. Homework in Kindergarten? I'm so naive that I thought this would wait until at least Grade 1. Oops! Heh....I read the instructions and think I would have struggled too.

    For you M3......I've considered putting Hannah in FRENCH immersion but am too afraid that she'd need homework help and I couldn't do it so it will be an English education for her. ;o)

  17. Anonymous9/09/2010

    Thank you, I have been waiting for some pics of my little sweeties. I miss them. They like homework just like their mama did!

  18. Unfortunately the excitement about hw wears off, but enjoy it while you've got it! I have a 13 yo right now cramming 4 nights work into one and starting to freak out about it. Yep... check that lesson learned off the list. :-)

  19. Anonymous9/09/2010

    Oh I'm cringing at this post. An hour of pencil and paper worksheet style homework in kindergarten? I'm an educator and I have both my bachelors and masters degree in Early Childhood Education & I"m not sure that this seems developmentally appropriate..... At least they seem to be enjoying it at this point. Hopefully it stays that way!
    BTW, I really enjoy your blog:)

  20. My daughter is very disappointed on days that they don't have homework (they have it twice a week), and also seems to be disappointed that the homework in kg is not terribly challenging.

    Yesterday I picked her up and she ran to her cubby squealing, "We have HOMEWORK!" When we got home, we realized it was writing capital and lower-case m's. Her name begins with M, so that was a no-brainer.

  21. Couple of homework fanatics here too. They get the week's homework on Monday and are supposed to do certain sheets on certain days but they want to do it all at once. I have to photocopy the worksheets for them to do beforehand as well as on the assigned day. The best is that every afternoon they come home and give a critique of the Principal's outfit that day and compare it with outfits she's worn in the past. I'm just waiting for them to give her suggestions.

  22. Since I homeschool Gracie all of her work is homework. :) She loves it and is way too excited about school though.

  23. Oops, this teacher says you failed Homework 101. Oh well .... LOL

  24. Anonymous9/12/2010

    Our kindergarten teacher made a big point about how their homework is only supposed to take ten minutes a night. So far, I'd say she's underestimated by about 20 minutes. *sigh* It's going to be a long year with this teacher.