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Friday, September 3, 2010

Fashion Friday and a cast-cover review


Just a quick post to document what the girls picked out to wear for Fashion Friday today. It still amuses me how different they are in their styling. Wonder what Rachel Zoe would make of their choices? Heh.

Ree went for an orange-on-orange look with a black belt and black patent leather shoes for some pop (actually her words were “I want a belt to make everything look pretty, mama"). And Ro is clearly wishing it would cool off already. She loves the layered looks that she gets to put together in winter, and today went for a pink paisley top, hot pink ruffled skirt, multistripe leggings, disney socks, and her old pink shoes which are seriously getting too small but she won’t let me throw away. Oh, and she wanted legwarmers on her arms. Never mind that it’ll probably hit 90-degrees today...

For the most part, by the way, the girls haven’t felt like picking out their outfits for school. They’d rather play in PJs until the absolute last minute and then just tell me what colors they want. So I’ve been putting out clothes, and they happily put them on. But they’ve decided that they definitely want to pick their own outfits on Friday (I think they just enjoy singing the words “Fashion Friday” as they get dressed), so hopefully we’ll have fun/zany/twinado outfits to post each week.

We’re heading out for the long weekend at the beach, and I’m not packing the laptop. Hope everyone has fun! Oh, and that reminds me of the little war we’ll be fighting against sand this weekend. In prep, we’re bringing the cast cover we got from XeroSox, a rubber kitchen glove, and some trashbags and painter’s tape. Why so many things? Well they all kind of work in different situations. The XeroSox cast cover (Ree is wearing it below) is awesome for swimming or any total immersion activity (it comes with a little ball to pump the air out and make a vacuum seal). But, the tight top makes it a pain in the butt to get on, so it’s only really worth the hassle if I know Ree will be submerged in the water. By the way, this thing really should have been designed a little differently – there’s no need for the enormous cartoonish mitten/thumb part at the end, Ree’s hand doesn’t even come close to that part, and it just hangs there and looks silly. I’d like it better if they had just rounded the top off.DSC_8619LR

For bathtime, I’ve found that the easiest thing is to trim a plastic garbage bag down to size and tape around the top with painter’s tape (so the tape is partially on her arm and partially on the bag). The tape won’t hold if it gets submerged, but Ree is great at keeping her bagged arm on the edge of the tub. And it’s easy to put on and remove. I’ll probably use that same thing at the beach, but am also packing a kitchen rubber glove just in case. The rubber glove easily fits over her hand and some of her arm, so if Ree can keep the sand out of the top of the cast then we’ll probably just go with that since it’s reusable and we don’t need to bring any tape down to the beach.



  1. Anonymous9/03/2010

    Have a great time!!!

    I love the outfits, especially Ree's--very stylish!

  2. Anonymous9/03/2010

    i'm sorry, but is it ok that I cackled with laughter when I scrolled down (after reading the text description of the cast sock) to see her arm looking like a very gigantic blue lobster claw? Very cute, your twins rock it all.

  3. That blue cover is oddly designed, I agree! In what situation would that be useful?

    We lived with garbage bags and tape when Sara dislocated her elbow at the climbing gym. Good stuff. It will be over before you know it.

    Thanks for the lunch advice! Love her website!

  4. So cute, as always.

    Good luck keeping that cast dry and sand-free. And have a great get-away week-end!

  5. Such fashionists!!!

    I just posted a fashion friday for Tate.

  6. Anonymous9/03/2010

    Take some vet wrap to wrap the top of the rubber glove with. It sticks to itself & you can re-use it.

  7. Anonymous9/03/2010

    Take some vet wrap to wrap the top of the rubber glove with. It sticks to itself & you can re-use it.

  8. Have a wonderful weekend away!!

    As always, I love their outfit choices:)

    Sarah has the same yellow tutu bathing suit Ree is wearing.....it was her favorite this summer:) Hope you are able to keep the cast dry!

    Happy Labor Day~



  9. Check out the CastCooler and dry that wet cast. Even with a cover, your child will perspire.


  10. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Thanks for all the great tips for covering a cast. We can probably use most of them for Chloe's splint. I haven't even bathed her yet since she broke her arm. I think if we ever get a cast, they said they had a waterproof one. We'll have to check that out as an option.

  11. they are adorable!!! love their individual personalities shining through...

  12. oh my days, if these are the two most beautiful little girls i've ever seen. Absolutely adorable and pretty. You are very blessed!