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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The complete luxury of aloneness (*updated)

Ro and Ree are at gymnastics camp today and I have five whole hours to do whatever I want. FIVE! Can’t even remember the last time I had five hours to myself. The possibilities are mind blowing. Heh. Actually I went grocery shopping after dropping them off (had to get supplies for pumpkin pies and marshmallow crafts, among other things), cleaned up the incredible mess made when a brand-new jar of dill pickles rolled off the counter and shattered on the floor (the stench cannot even be described), watched House on tv, and now am going through a few pics on the camera. After posting this, I’m going to unpack the living room and then I think I’ll take a shower and even blow dry my hair (oh the stunning luxury!).

I meant to take a pic of the girls in their brand-new leotards on the way to camp this morning, but it is freezing-ass cold and raining like mad, so here they are in ski jackets. Sigh... Just imagine Ro in her sparkly black and red leotard and Ree in her metallic violet one.IMG_1596LR

We have a busy week coming up of crafts and fun, interspersed with plenty of unpacking. And of course there’s Thanksgiving. Before Ro and Ree left school last week, we got to watch all of the Kindergarten classes in a sweet, sweet Thanksgiving performance. All those Native Americans and pilgrims were adorable!IMG_1592LRDSC_0051LRDSC_0030LRDSC_0034LRDSC_0033LR

Their Kindergarten teacher (adore her!!) is the sweetest lady ever. The girls are so lucky to have her this year and can’t wait to go to school every day.DSC_0065LR

In this pic, by the way, the girls (Ro left, Ree right) and their teacher are standing next to the huge teepee that’s in their classroom. The first day it was erected, Ree excitedly told me “Ro got to go in the teepee!!!!” And Ro disgustedly replied “Yeah I went in that old tent, but there was no tv in there.” I nearly spit up. Tee-PEE, sweetie, not tee-vee. Hee!!!

One of their classroom decorations is a big ole turkey, whose feathers are signs the kiddos made saying what they’re thankful for. I have to admit that Ro and Ree’s made me tear up a little.DSC_0062LRps-2LRps2

Ro said “I’m thacfole fer my twin sister Ree”:DSC_0060LR-2ps-2LRps2

And Ree said “I’m thancfl for my famly.”DSC_0061LRps-2LRps2

Awwwww. And we’re so dang thankful for Ro and Ree. Little sweeties are the lights of our lives. Happy Thanksgiving to all!


Updated: Got a shot of the new leotards once we got home and in our warm little house again. Cuties!DSC_0144LRps2


  1. I love their costumes! What a great looking program.

    I too love those rare moments of being alone. I think not having them much even makes them more special.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. That is one amazing teacher - most likely a great school too. You are lucky (if this is your neighbourhood school) or your hard work paid off (if you shopped around).

  3. Judging by the costumes every Kindergartener in the country must have had the same homework assignment - think of a Native American name for yourself. My suggestions for the Black-eyed Peas were rejected scornfully (like everything else) - Dances With Turkeys and Burps Like Thunder.

  4. Aw, those little quotes made me tear up too :-)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. A shower? Blow drying your hair? Man... it sounds so lovely. Someday it will happen for me, too...right? Lie to me.

  6. Using your hair dryer? Now that's just crazy talk.

    The girls Thanksgiving celebration looks amazing!! I love watching kids fall in love with school!

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. 5 hours? Isn't it sheer bliss? Unexpectedly had this today too when there was a fire in the electrical room of our building which took out all our systems. Left Hannah at daycare and went Christmas shopping. What fun to buy her gifts without her seeing them.

    Have a great day unpacking abd doing something special for yourself. You deserve it sweetie!

    The girls' Thanksgiving featers with their ;thancfls' are precious! Are they off school all week?

  8. Anonymous11/23/2010

    I love the idea of the thankful feathers! Too cute just like the girlies!

  9. Anonymous11/23/2010

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    from Michigan
    where we are waiting for snow

  10. My little Yiyang cutie is in kindergarten. She is so very proud that she can write and spell (just like Ro and Ree). And I am getting used to understanding the words as she sounds them out and spells them herself.

    Cheers to your family in the holiday season.

  11. Love those long camp days and the alone time!! Cute leos and very sweet things that they're thankful for. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

  12. Anonymous11/23/2010

    Next year you'll get lots of days like that, I hope.

  13. Yeah, those gymnastics leotards rock. I must say that I'm not at all surprised that they chose to do an action shot to model them. Funny girls!

    Marin (my 18th mo. old hockey obsessed little dude) started gymnastics just last week. During our first class, we discovered an upstairs viewing platform for parents to watch their children during lessons. A 9 year old with a wicked round-off back handspring was taking a private lesson down below so I tried to sneak Marin back out before he got the chance to disturb her. About that time, the little beauty landed the perfect sequence and struck a fancy looking gymnast pose. Marin immediately thrusts his arms into the air and yells, "GOAL!!!" at the top of his lungs.


  14. I love that last pic !

  15. kristina11/24/2010

    Love the new suits! So them!! Sounds like you enjoyed your day of fun! I am soooo jealous of your kinder program! Maybe if I complain about my rotten kinder teacher we can transfer to your class!!Savannah did a turkey too and was thankful for all of us and Grandma. She told my dad sorry Papa I ran out of feathers but I am thankful for you too! So sweet!

  16. If you look carefully, one of the feathers on the turkey says "I'm thankful for pukin pie"!!!! Tooooo cute!