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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Well of course the fairies were in the tree

Why did I even bother looking for them anywhere else?

The girls have had pixie dust on the brains lately. They’ve watched every single fairy movie Disney ever made, have reduced countless sets of wings and wands to sparkly rubble, and constantly “fly” around the house pretending to be Rosetta, or Silvermist, or Iridessa. (If those names don’t ring any bells, I’d venture to guess you haven’t yet been subjected to hours and hours of the magic of Pixie Hollow.)

They’ve been eyeing the big boxed set of six fairies at Target for months now and I keep steering them away from it thinking that they’re going to grow out of this obsession and we don’t need to be cluttering up the house with a bunch of winged dolls. Well today they finally talked me into it. They decided to pool the last of their birthday money (thanks Ma and Pa!) and whooped and hollered when they figured out that together they could get The Big Box. They insisted on carrying it all through the store and out to the car. And once home they chattered and giggled and gave a very loud running fairy commentary for the entire 20 minutes it took me to get that blasted box open and release each sprite from the hidden wires, tape, and thread holding her down. (Side note: the way toys are packaged these days gives me fits! &*^%$!@!@!!!!)

Oh the joy! They grabbed the fairies roughly (but lovingly, I’m sure) and raced outside. I followed a few minutes later with the camera (after sneaking some Pepperidge Farm ginger family cookies), figuring they were in the playhouse or up in the playstructure, or somewhere normal, ya know? But no, the eight of them were wedged up in one of the tall pine trees and the tree was swaying and bobbing as they attempted to get higher. Not even kidding.DSC_0153LRDSC_0149LR

Apparently fairies don’t climb in their wings, because they had all been ripped off and haphazardly discarded on the ground (a sight that amused me):DSC_0162LR

It was also amusing that the fairies were lined up execution style after mean mama told everyone to get down out of the tree:DSC_0163LR

When I asked why the poor dears were faceplanted on the flagstone, the girls condescendingly brushed me out of the way saying “uh, how else would they get their wings on, mama?”

Oh. Yeah.


I think they’re quite satisfied with their purchase.


Hope that Big Box ‘o Fairies goes on sale for Black Friday, because I think this might be the birthday gift of choice from our little sprites, who have already been invited to three classmate birthday parties.

fairiesPS: For those who asked, this is the 6-pack of 9-inch fairies that Target sells for $49.99. They also sell a 6-pack of mini-sized 4.5-inch fairies for somewhere around $25.


  1. Oh goodness, oh goodness...even I love them. Must not show this to the girls though 'cause I'll have no choice but to run out and do damage.

    Love their romp through the tree (how does your heart stay in your body?)despite the danger element.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  2. Kristina11/24/2010

    WooHoo! Welcome to Pixie Hollow! Now you know why Savannah always gets me to wait the 45 minutes in line at Disneyland and chatters the whole time about meeting the mysteriously missing Rosetta each time! Where is that fairy at Disneyland??We have met all the others and have the autographs to prove it! Also one of my favorite night time shows to watch the fairies light up the trees and water! you will have to make a trip there soon! HA!

  3. Don't see them on sale in the Black Friday ad at Target, BUT they do have the set of seven glitter princesses on sale. Don't the fairies need some friends? LOL

  4. This post cracked me up! Especially the wings on the ground...hehehehe

  5. Too funny. Rieley got these along with the new movie and loves them. She lines them up and they look like they are doing pushups , her wings are always falling off too..
    Glad they are enjoying the new house inside and out.
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  6. Just in case you need more fairy stuff, Costco has a huge boxed set of Pixie Hollow chapter books.

  7. i bet they would love the Rainbow Faries series of books.


  8. Anonymous11/25/2010

    Too funny. Happy Thanksgiving!!! Love, Jane

  9. Well good luck on the fairy phase passing quickly! I'm still waiting for it to pass around here.

    I love those face-down fairies! Of course that's how you put on their wings.

    So funny.

  10. Check this out, M3.


    And there's a 20% off code as well (not sure how long that lasts).

  11. they will love the books by Daisy Meadows (pseudonym-- thank goodness) all fairy books-- not great literature- but fun fairy books.

    ok- how much were they at target? on amazon i see them for $30. my 5 year old would LOVE those!

  12. Anonymous11/25/2010

    Where did you get those? My 5 yr old niece would LOVE them!

  13. Ok, see the Target part now (reading comprehension FAIL)...but any other info you could give would be appreciated.


  14. Hey guys, this particular 6-pack of fairies is a Target exclusive. It's a pack of 9-inch dolls (Barbie-sized, not the smaller 4" or 5" dolls) and goes for $49.99. They do have a pack of the smaller dolls for about $25 or so. And I know that ToysRUs has 2-packs of the various 9-inch fairies. The fairies in this Target 6-pack are Tinkerbelle, Iridessa, Rosetta, Fawn, Silvermist, and Vidia.

  15. LOL! Of course they were up the tree! Ahhhh! Be still my heart! Your girls love life and I love how they live it to the fullest! I think we heard their squeals and giggles of delight from here!

    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. We we chatting about you last night. Miss you friend!

    Do I see a Disneyland trip in your near future?

  16. omgosh. i am still laughing.

  17. Anonymous11/26/2010


    Your posts help me understand what I have been told all my life - that my twin(a boy)and I were so cute growing up together, and "what one did not think up, the other one did . . . "

    (not to mention many deals made to keep silent)

  18. Stumbled onto your blog through another adoption blog....love your writing!

    With Christmas coming up (and more of those packages with tape and wires, etc) I wanted to offer you my favorite package opening tip.

    I'm a nurse at a Children's hospital, and our kids get absolutely spoiled with gifts at Christmas. : ) One year I was getting really tired of opening the boxes and untwisting all of those ties...so I busted out my trauma shears (yes, they were cleaned first!) and they clip right through all that junk (the metal twist ties, tape, etc) in one shot! Best Christmas gift opener ever.

    You can pick up a pair at your local scrubs store (I think just about every town has one now?) or online...they're $5-$10 and I'd recommend going midrange so you get nice ones. Good luck!

    Here's a pic: http://www.amazon.com/Nurse-Utility-Scissors-trauma-shears/dp/B000S5TPQW