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Sunday, November 14, 2010

They’ve got moves!

I am SO not a dancer. Never have been and never will be. TubaDad and I didn’t even dance at our wedding (I know, some of you are shocked, it just wasn’t our thing). But the little sweeties are dancers (and singers, and artists, and fairies, and lots of other stuff, according to them). Here they are bustin’ a move at a children’s museum concert yesterday.

I was sitting way in the back, and they were up in the kiddie mosh pit. Still, it was funny enough for me to fumble around in the dark, dig out the trusty purse camera, max out its primative zoom function, and lean wayyyyyy around the lady in brown to record. Where did they learn these moves???

(Ree is in the purple ruffled tee, and Ro is in the orange tee)


  1. very cute, I like the mini mosh-pit hehehe

  2. Anonymous11/14/2010

    Moreover, WHEN did they get so lanky? is it the camera angle or did they suddenly sprout long slender legs?


  3. I can't bear it... so very adorable....

  4. So cute. But Aaaaaackkk...........they are so big! How does this happen? :)

  5. Godspeed to your Mother! I can't dance a lick, but I have been called "Elaine from Seinfeld" on more than one occasion. My girls? They could dance all day. What will happen when they figure out I kind of stink?!

  6. Anonymous11/15/2010

    this makes me smile

    I was a shy kid when i was their ages.
    let alone dancing around of many people :)

  7. what i adore most is how they insist on literally dancing together. sisters are amazing. but there must be so much truth to what twins share.

    thanks for making me smile.

  8. OMG! They really know how to move. What a blessing they must be. You are one lucky mom. Too cute!