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Thursday, November 11, 2010

We’re making progress (dusty, dirty progress, but still...)

You’d think I would have taken a whole slew of “before” pictures given my propensity for over-photographing everything, but, um, I guess I was distracted because these two pictures are all I have. We started with this master bedroom/master retreat:IMG_2965LRand this kid’s room:DSC_9871LR

And then we ripped it all apart. Heh. The master bedroom and master retreat were beautiful, but the retreat was an incredible amount of wasted space in our opinion. So about half of the retreat went to make the girls’ room bigger and about half of it made our master bedroom bigger.

And here’s where we are today... The demolition is done and all the scrap has been hauled away. The framing has been done:DSC_9909LR

The insulation for the new walls has been done and the floor patches (to replace the holes left by the old fireplace and old closet) have been done:DSC_9920LRDSC_9921LR

The girls like inspecting the progress each day (for this first pic, I’m standing in what will be their palatial new closet):DSC_9924LRDSC_9926LRDSC_9934LRDSC_9933LR

The electricians have been hard at work installing overhead lighting in every room and closet (how did the previous owners live without it?) and fixing weird electrical problems that we’ve found:DSC_9927LR(I don’t even need to mention that the girls picked out this fan and not me, right?)


Whew. The drywall guy will be here for a couple of days, the construction crew and electricians have at least one more day on site after he’s done, and then the painting crew comes in. It’s pretty exciting, but oh man it will sure be nice to have a tidy, clean, quiet (except for the twinados, haha) house once again and to be able to move furniture (like our beds!) into the right rooms. We originally planned to have all this done before we moved in, but the financing was such a pain and dragged on so long that it didn’t happen. Oh well, we still count ourselves as lucky that the old house sold so fast and we had to move before we were ready. It’s a good problem to have (at least that’s what I keep telling myself).

PS: My mom had an outpatient surgery this week and would appreciate any good thoughts you can send her for a speedy recovery.


  1. May your mom have as speedy and uneventful procedure as mine did!
    Hang in there, Wela!

  2. Good thoughts and vibes for Wela's recovery...

    Love the new digs! Cannot wait to see more.

    Cannot wait until you are back to often blogging.

  3. It's looking good! Thoughts and prayers for your mom this morning.

  4. it all looks to be coming together so perfectly. and i have got to give props to your girls for great taste. i LOVE (and i mean LOVE) that fan.

  5. Anonymous11/12/2010

    Here's to a speedy recovery to wonder grandma!

  6. Thinking good thoughts for Wela's speedy recovery! I'm sure she'll be up sewing envy inspiring kids clothes soon!

    Oh, house is going to be so awesome too! See, all the chanting and deep breathing worked. Your still here AND you still have hair!

  7. I actually think that fan is really cute for their room. We had a rental house without overhead lighting and I never understood why in the world people would do that. It was soo annoying to have all those lamps.
    Well wishes to Wela!

  8. Anonymous11/12/2010

    Can't wait to see the finished pics! How about a picture of the current sleeping arraingements, aren't you all camped out in the living room?? The girls must love that, we lost power once and slept in the family room and my daughter still talks about how fun it was to "camp" inside!

    Good thoughts and prayers heading out to your mother, hope she is feeling better very soon.


  9. Isn't it "fun" to live in a construction zone? BTDT, and I feel your pain. It really will be worth it when it is all finished.

    Prayers for your mom's recovery!

  10. Tell Wela two little girls -- and their mom -- send her a hug and a kiss!

  11. We all love Wela! Wishing her a speedy and pain-free recovery.

    Can't wait for the "after" pics!

  12. Thinking fell better soon thoughts for you, Wela!

  13. How exciting!! Can't wait to see the finished product.

    Tell Wela we are sending speedy recovery vibes all the way from Utah.

  14. Anonymous11/12/2010

    i wasn't sure how to contact you other than in comments. i would love to talk with you about your twins and your travels to china to get them. we got our referral for twins and i have so many questions. any advice you can give would be great!

  15. Anonymous11/12/2010

    Where did you find that fan? I think my girls would love it.

  16. I hope your mom has a speedy recovery! You cracked me up with the fan comment. My girls have the same fans except the colors are lighter...more pastel I guess.

  17. We just finished our kitchen and it damn near wrecked us. It was just 10 days of disturbance. I can't fathom a complete redo like that. And yes, the best thing about the project is not having people coming in and out of your house or worrying about who is coming over to do what today!

    ~ cheers

  18. Oooo...making great progress! How nice it will be for you though when it's all done and the dust has settled, literally! Cannot wait to see the finished palace! What colour(s) have the girls chosen? Have you mentioned to them that each wall could match a different blade of the ceiling fan? Oooo...I'll call them on their/your cell and let them know just in case this little bit of info slipped mama's mind. :o) What are friends for??

    Praying for your mom. For quick and pain free healing.