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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Sick, sick, sick, sick, beach, more sick

So Ree got a cold and missed an entire week of school, then Ro got it and missed a few days, then I got it for a week and lost my voice, then Ro got a freaky high fever, then everyone was better and we ran to the beach, then we got home and Ree got the weird high-fever thing. Bah. Let’s focus on the fun beach weekend, shall we?

TubaDad had a gig in San Luis Obispo, so we packed the van with practically everything we own (plus our friend Maggie) and headed for our fave Avila beachhouse.

Friday arrival started with a nice fish dinner and a sunset walk on the pier:IMG_0199LR

On Saturday it poured all day. Seriously, didn’t stop for one minute. The girls said they didn’t care, it just made for “perfect sand-castle sand,” so we suited up and braved the elements. (They couldn’t decide which lucky duck got the pink boots so they compromised with one of each.):IMG_0228LR

Then we spent a few warm, dry hours at the SLO Children’s Museum, which was really cute. How come we’ve never been there before? Oh yeah, probably because it’s always sunny and we never move our blissful butts off the sand. I think this one exhibit was more for the grown-ups, judging by the succession of grinning adults who climbed aboard the cycle:IMG_0233LR

The sun came out on Sunday, and we whooped it up before driving back home:IMG_0244LRIMG_0246LR

I think the girls had forgotten what a blue sky looks like since it’s been raining so much at our house:IMG_0249LR

Does anyone remember the fateful Twin Faceplant in the Waves incident? (Here’s the video, just for old times’ sake.) Well little Ree still gets concerned when Ro goes “too far” into the water and still celebrates every single time she emerges unscathed:IMG_0260LRIMG_0275LR

Maggie took this nice family shot of us on the beach (thanks Maggie!):IMG_0281LR

Ro and Ree worked all day making what they called “the deepest hole in the world” (with their accents it sounds like “the deepest hole in the woy-old”):IMG_0285LR

Little beach girls. They really do love to have the sand between their toes:IMG_0286LRIMG_0299LRIMG_0301LR

It’s just too bad these two are so danged unhappy all the time. Heh:IMG_0335LR


  1. Looks like such a fun weekend! I sure hope everybody gets well soon.

  2. HA! that video... i remember watching it over and over when you first posted it because it was just so darn funny! totally forgot about it, but had a good laugh again tonight.

    glad you all had fun at the beach! hopefully you will all be healthy again soon!

  3. Oh I can't wait to head to the beach this year! Thanks for sharing your fun!
    Sorry to hear about all the sickness though hope you are done with it.

  4. Oh my gosh they are so cute!
    Jamie S.

  5. Anonymous3/29/2011

    Everyone looks great!

  6. Anonymous3/30/2011

    You know what I especially like about you. Any lemon is turned into lemonade.

  7. Wow...looks like loads of fun was had. Love the biggest hole in the woh-ld.

    Hope you're all on the mend.

  8. Love that pic of them looking up to the sky! It's my fav! I hope everyone is feeling okay soon. We've had the frequent, weird, sicknesses on and off for the past 5 weeks. Right now it's my turn with a throat thing. Think my voice will be gone soon.

  9. Yeah for the beach! The girls look fun and super cute as usual! My hubby has off next week and we are going to try and hit the beach with the boys for the day... I'm sure it will be FREEZING, but who cares??? It the beach!! :)

  10. Love your blog, and since I grew up in SLO, I especially love the picts of Avila Beach. Thanks again!

  11. Anonymous3/30/2011

    Seriously? the sand angels? best pic(s) evah.

  12. Wow. Blue skies. I totally forgot how pretty that is. Looks like a fabulous time. Love that stairs photo. Nice.

  13. Kristina3/30/2011

    Aww so much sun and happiness!! I went out and soaked up some today and was thinking some beach time is needed sooon! Savannah's writing sample came home today and she wrote that her favorite play time activity was playing freeze monster with Ro and Ree!! Made me smile!HUGS!!
    and here is to the banishment of fevers and colds and snot!;)

  14. I'll second that one Kristina -- let the sickfest be banished from this moment on!!

    It's supposed to hit 80 tomorrow (squeal!!) if you guys are around and want to come to the pool. We're going to head over there around 3:30.

  15. This morning I was just beginning to worry about you guys. That viral thing was wicked. Half of our Kindergarten class got the weird high fevers and I was without a voice for a week and a half.

    Loving the beach photos! What fun!

  16. These photos are excellent! Did you take the beach photos later in the day? I still don't know how to get good beach photos without using a flash.

    Kids are so stinkin' cute and getting more and more grown up looking by the day!

    Love Officer Dad on the motorcycle. I can almost hear him say "Pull over!"



  17. Thanks Donna! I just flashed almost every pic. I only had the small backup purse cam (the really-old-not-great one because the good one is in the shop) so I took most pics except the moving ones (the ones where they were running and I needed a speedy camera) with the flash on.

  18. Your photography is so beautiful!

    Your family is BEAUTIFUL too ;-D

    You can post the photos on our group in flickr anytime you want. Then you can post about it on your blog anytime as well! Thank you for stepping out of your comfort zone and believing the TRUTH about who you are - BEAUTIFUL!


  19. OK so seriously, have they grown a foot?? Have you not told them that they're not allowed to grow up so quickly?

    Sorry to hear about all the sickness. Yuck!! Hope you're all 100% again!

  20. :) Least it looks like you're all well and happy!!! Sorry to hear the sickies just won't go away - what a pain.

  21. Even with the rain it looks like it was a great time. I am so jealous of all your beach time. Someday I will live near the beach.

  22. Did the deepest hole in the world take them any where? Or did they find anything cool down there? I hope they did....wouldn't that be exciting. Sorry you have been sick too.....Glad they are better.

    Love the coats at the beach. Looks like fun!

    **I fixed my picture. You can see it now. Got a new protection program that I am not sure now to work with it.