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Friday, April 1, 2011

It must be spring fever!

I’ve got a wild and crazy impulse to try and post something every single day this month. My own personal Spring Fling, if you will. I know, I know, I must be suffering from heat exhaustion or a similar malady to commit to this out loud. But there it is – I WILL post something (on good days it’ll be nice and meaty with pictures, on bad days it will at least be a whimper) every day in April. So here goes, kicking off Spring Fling month with a couple of fashion friday pictures of the girls on their way to school this morning. They put together such fun outfits – picking bright ruffly skirts (pink from Gymboree, blue from GoodWill) to go with their sassy ruffle tops from Old Navy, and grabbing their current fave shoes (both from Payless). Then they asked me to whip up a couple of hairclips over breakfast since they didn’t have anything “zackly right, mama.” Well you know I was happy to oblige. Oh man, we’re all digging these little 5-minute, practically-free hairclips!


Little cuties are LOVING the gorgeous hot spring weather yesterday and today. We’re heading to the pool again this afternoon and *I* might even get in this time since it’s 86 degrees right now. No promises though, haven’t pulled on that daunting bathing suit yet... I *would* have posted a cute swimming picture of the girls yesterday, but the mood was kind of spoiled when Ro (who hasn’t been in the pool since Aug, now that I think about it) went out a little too far and panicked and I had to get in with my clothes on to help her. She was fine and back in the pool after 20 seconds of cuddling, but I was grumpy, sodden, and a little jumpy after that.

Happy spring, everyone, and see you tomorrow. If you have anything you’d like to see or hear about this month, please let me know. I was thinking some crafts, some recipes, and a deeper look into the girls’ lifebook, for starters.

PS: Referrals are arriving in adoption offices right this very minute. I can’t wait to see good news on Krista’s site (A Million Miles to Mia) early next week and Tonggu Momma’s site (Our Little Tongginator) tonight! Woohoo!!


  1. Anonymous4/01/2011

    First comment? I don't believe it!Kids are gorgeous, funny that my daughter still occasionally whips up hairclips (using our family's one craft resource- hot glue gun) except her most recent one was a Bud bottlecap, quirky and fun, but oh to have a little girl again.
    Look forward to your spring post-fest!

  2. Anonymous4/01/2011

    How about an egg drop soup video?
    (i.e. how to avoid raggedy eggs)


  3. Anonymous4/01/2011

    Yay...I'm glad you're going to be posting something each day this month! Since we don't get to see you as often as we'd like in person, we can catch up through your great photos and writings!

    Jane & Bob

  4. Very fun, the photos of the girls and you posting every day, good luck, you're a better blogger than I. Our weather is finally going to warm up and I can't wait to get outside for a little play time with Miss M. Have a fun weekend.

  5. Anonymous4/01/2011

    Our first post. Would love to hear about the discussions/ questions you have with your daughters regarding their adoption:)

  6. Anonymous4/01/2011

    Would love to see your before and after renovations/remodeling of your new house! Especially the bedrooms. Also, I recall you were debating holding the girls back but went forward with putting them into kindergarten - how do you feel now? Have a great weekend!

  7. Heh! When I first started reading about your goal to post every single day I thought it was an April Fool's Day joke. Jokes on me and you're going to do it!

    love the girls' fun, frilly outfits today!

  8. Awesome goal!!!! I love hearing and seeing your fun!

  9. This is exciting! I think I went through withdrawal waiting for your last post...hehehe. Sounds like everyone is well now and SWIMMING?! It's cold here still. I'll have to live through your blog.

  10. Love the unabashed joy on their sweet faces with their adorable outfits.

    I'm with you. Love the excitement of some friends finally getting those baby pics.

    Enjoy your warm weather. (I know I am - vicariously.)

  11. As long as you asked for post ideas ... I'm always a curious one about houses. And, well, since you just recently moved and have done some renovations to the bedroom(s), maybe you could do a post or two on the new house? Even pictures of your yard? Or talk about things you miss about the old house and stuff you like about the new one.

  12. I love that you're going to do this! No questions, but looking forward to the posts. And thank you so much for sharing in our joy.