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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Big five-and-a-halfers

I think a half-birthday party is almost better than a regular birthday party! No expectations, no stress, just fun.

I’d like to make these pics all pretty and do some beautiful collages, but it simply isn’t going to happen if I’m going to get a post up this evening and still be able to watch American Idol (priorities, heh). I’m already on internet lockdown so I don’t accidentally see the results somewhere.

Ro and Ree’s half-birthday princess party was beautiful, especially since we only started thinking about it one day in advance (see, I’m telling you, the laid-back half birthday is the way to go!). We were tickled at how the girls chose every single decoration themselves, decorated the table to their liking, made sticker placecards, and chose crowns for each attending queen and king:

Ree donned her fantabulous stick-on princess nails for the occasion (she bought them in the Target dollar bin, which might explain why they kept falling off all night):DSC_4193LR

It was a little funny to see the oh-so-proper and demure princesses eating shrimp over the trash can. I guess it is practical:DSC_4196LR

Perhaps this also explains why the dollar-bin nails didn’t stay on:DSC_4197LR

You’d think it would be hard to climb trees or houses in princess attire, but apparently not:DSC_4219LR

Originally we had purchased one big cake, but after reading the (genius!) blog comment about a half cake for a half birthday, we sliced that baby in two and each giggling girl got her own half of a Rapunzel cake. Perfection!:DSC_4241LRDSC_4244LRDSC_4245LR

The Rapunzel cake toppers are little dolls from Target, by the way. Ro and Ree asked for a Tangled cake but it just didn’t exist, so we surprised them by making our own with a Baskin Robbins icecream cake (did you know they make those chocolate swirls out of hot fudge—someone help me I can’t stop sneaking bites of it!), the dolls, and some fanciful castle and crown candles.

Happy 5.5 to our little honeys:DSC_4205LR


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  1. Happy half-birthday Ro & Ree!

    Momma...they are growing up SO fast! Maya will be 6 in just a few weeks and I'm having a hard time with it. I thought five was hard! :-)

  2. Very fun and the girls did a wonderful job with all their decorations. I'm not letting Maisie see this post though as she'd want half birthday parties too and I'm just not that good of a Mom, you though rock M3.

  3. How do kids keep growing up so fast?! Looks like it was an awesome party. I think we should start having half birthday parties too! My son will be thrilled! Too bad his should have been a couple months ago:)


  4. Adorable pics! That's awesome that you guys celebrate 1/2 birthdays. I don't know how you have the energy to have SO MUCH FUN all the time with your girls.

  5. What a great, great day! Happy 5 1/2 Ro and Ree! You make absolutely beautiful princesses!

    Heh...Maggie in a pic. :o) Great to see you Maggie!

    Now....for a pic of Wela wearing her crown...

  6. Happy 5 1/2 Birthday Princess Ro and Princess Ree!! Looks like you had a FABULOUS Princess Party with a good time had by all!!! Just LOVING all your pics and your stick on princess nails too!!! And what better way is there to eat shrimp?!!

  7. Michelle: I KNOW!! How are they doing this so fast? And Maya's going to be 6 within the month? Seriously, I know I kid the girls that they need to slow down but it really does give me pains.

    Lisa: You would rock this half birthday thing. It's so dang easy. Seriously one Target trip and one bakery trip and you are golden. Oh, and immediate family only.

    Natalie: Oh man, I don't have a lot of energy at all. Short bursts of fun followed by much recuperating (as fast as possible) while the girls are in school. Today I sat in the family room for over an hour just exhausted but knowing that I had to get off my butt and clean up the party remains. Ugh.

    Catherine: Yes, Hee!! Maggie in a pic, and I don't even think she threatened me if this one got published. She's slipping, man.

    A&A's mama: You could always do a 3/4 party. He wouldn't care. :-)

  8. When I first saw the cake photos I thought one half had the doll and the other half had the hair - and it hardly even seemed weird.

    (Okay, it was a little weird. I was relieved when I realized there were two dolls.)

  9. Happy 1/2 Birthday Ro & Ree! What a fun party!

  10. What an awesome idea!!!! That is so great.

    Love the half a cake idea!