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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slice of life picture

I snapped a pic this morn that is so very typical of our lives that it made me grin:SliceOfLife_original

Here’s what I see when I look at this pic (click to see larger version):SliceOfLife

The girls turn five-and-a-half today, so we’re having a little party. BobBob, Wela, and Maggie are coming over and I’m trying this new recipe (Marie’s Easy Slow Cooker Pot Roast). The girls have planned “Ro and Ree’s princess party” to celebrate, and took advantage of our emergency Target run this morning to randomly huck princess-related items into the cart as I sprinted to the kitchen aisle. Thanks to their efforts, that damn forty dollar crock pot ended up costing me a hundred dollars.

Should be a good time tonight. I think TubaDad is going to be the designated party paparazzi, so I’ll share his snaps tomorrow.


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  1. When you live in a house built in the 60's and touch arm's length from one side of the kitchen to the other your kitchen makes me awful jealous. Have a great party!

  2. The dishwasher comment made me laugh. Imagine just how often it might be loaded and unloaded if there were 8 of you in the house! Such is my life...and I wouldn't trade it for the world!!

  3. I love the slice of life picture with all the explanations. It makes me smile. A beautiful ordinary day made more beautiful because it is so very ordinary. Family life is just wonderful :)

  4. Have followed you for ages(well, years!) and never commented before but I had to at this post....it is so typical of our life too!
    Love hearing about your lives from here in Sctoland! dx

  5. You forgot me! :) Joe is the one who leaves the cupboard doors open in our house and it drives ME mad.

  6. All fixed now Michelle -- good thing I was on the computer right now instead of cleaning the horrible mess in the kitchen. Hee!!

  7. Happy 5 1/2 Ro & Ree, enjoy your party!

  8. Anonymous4/06/2011

    I ALWAYS wanted a half-b-day party and I have fufilled that wish by doing them for my girls. The half b-day girl got to pick the dinner and we alwasy have a half a cake (Many grocery store chains Jewel/Albertson's etc... sell half a cakes and will even write on them "Happy Half B-day"). I also gave the girls little gifts on their half b-days and still do now. For example my 15.5 year old got 1) Katy Perry Shatter Nail Polish 2) A Teen Vogue and 3)A pen that turns into a highlighter that she wanted.

    My other wish fufillment from my childhood is that I alway hoped that one day I'd open my sock drawer and there'd be a present in there, so 2-3 times a year my girls find a prettily gift wraped present in their sock drawer in the morning!

  9. And now you know why I avoid Target. That $3.59 tube of toothpaste always costs me $80.

    I'm loving the labeled picture! It's so every Mom's kitchen, only with laughs attached!

  10. :) Ahhh... sounds just like a morning in our house... cept there'd be comments along the lines of "Harry screaming at Tari, because she keeps stealing his school lunch" - Mikayla screaming at Harry to stop screaming at Tari - Mummy screaming louder than everyone, at everyone, to PLEASE just be quiet... at least til I've had a cup of coffee!!! ;)

  11. I love your slice of life and cannot wait to be in the fray!! Counting down.

    Well my friend, I did it! Added the 'Spring Fling' pic to my sidebar so I'm in! Hmmm...does adding the pic count as today's post? :o)

    What fun to celebrate the girl's 1/2 birthdays! I'll have to figure out where Hannah's is and do that for her. It's a long time between Feb and Christmas so a 1/2 birthdays would be fun!

    Happy 1/2 birthday Ro and Ree! Looking forward to seeing pics of all your princess fun!!

    LOL!!! Just did the math and H's 1/2 birthday is the day we leave for Disney! Gift purchased? Check!!

  12. It ALWAYS costs a hudred dollars to go into Target. They should just charge it at the door before you even walk in!!

    Love the new house kitchen!!

  13. The cabinet thing is something my husband goes nuts over and I keep doing it. The worst thing? I always think I am closing them, jsut to turn around and see them open - maybe I have cabinet gnomes?