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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Need a few unique goodies for your easter baskets?

I just ordered two of these giant egg sugar cookies, customized with Ro and Ree’s names:
GIANT EGG COOKIE-Decorated sugar cookie with rich Buttercream frosting-CUSTOM EASTER GIFT

and these adorable handmade Peep soaps, that are scented with toasted marshmallow fragrance (the kids might have to fight me for these) from Broken Road Farm (check back often for inventory, I think she refreshes it each evening) on etsy:

Shhhh, don’t tell Ree and Ro. They can read like sons of guns right now, but don’t yet pull up the blog to check up on their old mama.

The girls also decided that they wanted special Easter dresses this year, and after scouring a few local shops and not finding anything they liked, they fell in love with these online Carter’s dresses from Kohl’s. The dresses arrived today and (thank goodness) are adorable. I always hold my breath a little when ordering clothes online. Anyhow, they’re on sale right now for $18 – happy easter to me! They’re also available in cute green or black prints.EasterDresses

Anyone else have any suggestions for cute Easter stuff?

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  1. Love Etsy! Thanks for the basket goodie tip!

  2. Cute Dresses and we love Etsy too!
    I am gonna attempt your Spring Fling starting today, I hope I can make 30 posts in 30 days it will be a first!

  3. love them--- the dresses are adorable!!!
    hmmm Easter ideas... i saw the PAAS, the egg dedecorating company-- has these q-tips filled with egg decorating goo- so you can polka dot them, draw lines, etc..

    we're doing pillow pets in the baskets this year:)

  4. This could be a fun project for Wela to make.


    I just made 2 for my boys last night and they love them. They would go well with the soap. I'll go post the pictures of the ones I made on my blog now.


  5. We're trying to do less candy this year, so it's been tough! For my bigger guy (he's 5), I'm going to do legos and books, coins in his egg. For the two younger (15 mo. old twins), I was going to do goldfish crackers and marshmallows in their eggs, and who knows what in their baskets.
    I'm currently knitting these though, and hope they turn out ok!

  6. Cute dresses. I think we looked at the green version at Kohl's, but my green-loving girl picked out a navy blue dress with a floral print instead.

  7. Cute dresses and the Peep soaps are adorable. Maisie's getting a bit of candy along with the new Barbie A Fairy Secret dvd and little toys and games. Don't know if you've seen this but Tarjay has edible easter grass. I bought some for Maisie's basket and I can't wait to see how much fun she has eating the grass ;-)

  8. I just ordered "My Very Own Fairy Tale" book for Kelly. Sara received one at her 1st birthday, and is just now really getting into it. Fairies spell out the child's name, one rhyming page at a time. I hope they can invent 5 "L" fairies, because Kelly has that many in her full name! Kelly looks over Sara's longingly, so her book will be inscribed, "For Kelly With Love, The Easter Bunny". Loving the Etsy ideas!

  9. I've used Broken Road Farm a couple of times! Both recipients loved their cookies! Cute dresses too.

  10. The girls don't "get" Peeps right now - which makes me love them all the more. IF they only made choclate dipped peeps I would be in business!

    The dresses look beautiful - and so bright!

  11. M3-- I just love you. I wished we lived close so we could hang out. You come up with the best ideas. My mom always made the best Easter baskets and I have great memories for that. I try to do the same for Alex and Abby. I think I will order some cookies and soaps. They would love that. Great suggestions. Mom always put the best big chocolate bunny in ours so that is what I do for them. BTW, I just ordered the girls dresses on Etsy from SewInFashion. They are pillow case dresses-- pink paisley with black and white polka dot trim, just can't help myself. Wela could probably make them so easy. Also my friend just recommended a site on Facebook-- just search-- Be So Beautiful Children's gifts. Some really cute funky prints. She's a local mom in our area.
    Happy Easter. Wishing you many chocolate bunnies and yummy jelly beans.

  12. Anonymous4/09/2011

    Love the Peeps soaps. I looked 'em up to order and they sold out today! Bummer. They are super cute. The dresses are adorable too. Can't wait to see their Easter photos.

    Aunt Jane

  13. I'm trying to stay away from candy too. I'm buying small craft kits. You can usually find them at Hobby Lobby or even in dollar bins. They usually have enough items to make one craft or maybe two. Also, think water bottles, sidewalk chalk.

    Kim O

  14. Of course you have to have the tape gum in a fun Easter roll. I am sure you can find some Easter themed band bracelets. What about a packet of seeds to plant?

  15. Thanks Jane! The Peeps soaps are back in inventory now, so nab 'em. I think as a small bus she only refreshes the inventory page after something sells.


  16. Edible easter grass?!!!!! Lisa you are my hero. We WILL go to Target immediately and WILL find that stuff. Awesome.

  17. Emily - loving the polka dot idea!! Thanks. We are huge into egg decorating, and the kids are always looking for the newest trick.

  18. We, too, try to stay away from a lot of candy (heck, I just threw out some Halloween candy last week!), but I did order them a nice chocolate bunny from one of our favorite candy stores from "back home". And then I saw these cute candy Crocs and had to get a few of these:

  19. Anonymous4/10/2011


    Go to


    and try the rabbit. It might be suitable for Ro/Ree to teach their classmates.

  20. Cute dresses! We just did Wal-Mart this year for a dress. We got Evan's cute little vest a Children's Place again, but I didn't like the dress selection.

    I know how much your girls like chocolate--did you know that they make peeps with the bottoms dipped in chocolate? They sure were yummy. We ate them right after my mom bought them. No Easter basket surprise!!

  21. I'm at a loss this year for Easter. I got a couple of doll dresses for Em's doll, a few book and some candy but that is it. Liam is easier b/c it's all tech stuff now. lol. I should probably put a little more thought into it though seeing as it is -like- a few weeks away. lol.

  22. I have been making these cute personalized Easter necklaces that would be perfect for Easter baskets!


    Then again, I am biased. :)

  23. Your girls would look adorable in our sweet Easter tutus!