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Monday, June 27, 2011

A quick, cute 4th of July banner

TubaDad is in Germany on business right now*, so the girls and I have been keeping busy with lots of water play and fun crafts like today’s so-easy-a-five-year-old-could-do-it 4th of July Banner.DSC_7160LR6

It was Ro’s night to stay up late (we alternate every night so we get some one-on-one time with each girl and also so they go to sleep separately instead of partying together until the wee hours of the morning). So we broke out the new scallop circle punch and festive patriotic papers we picked out at Michael’s and made a fun 4th of July banner!DSC_7151LR

DSC_7092LR3We punched out five scallops from each color, made a couple of holes in each one with a regular hole punch, then threaded the circles onto a long piece of twine. That was it! (Hint: I wrapped a little scotch tape around the end of the twine so it was easy to thread.)DSC_7097LR

Ro had a ball with this project and loved the fact that she got to do it all by herself (well actually I helped position the paper in the punch because I only bought one sheet of each color and we couldn’t afford to mess them up, but still...).

We didn’t use any glue or knots, just dragged the scallops into place and the thick twine held them neatly in position.

She was SO PROUD of the finished banner.


I think it’s pretty dang cute too. Good thing, because as soon as Ree spies this in the morning, we’ll be making another one.

Happy crafting!

Update from Tuesday: I was right, Ree wanted to make one as soon as it was her turn to stay up late. So now we have two. I like how they made different patterns with the colors. Now they want to make a few banners for their room, so we’re heading back to Michael’s today so they can pick out a few sheets of paper that match their room colors. It’ll be interesting to see what they put together.DSC_7212LR

* And he is actually going to the zoo tomorrow with Ro and Ree’s awesome twin buddies H2 and S2 who happen to be visiting Germany this very second. The girls CANNOT WAIT to see pictures.


  1. So cute! How awesome is that that Tuba Dad gets to meet up with Them in Germany!

  2. Anonymous6/28/2011

    Cute - wondering what size that scallop punch is and where you got it - can only find the XL around here. Thanks.

  3. Fun, fun stuff and oh so cute!!!

  4. Anonymous6/28/2011

    How much later does the twin get to stay up? Do you do this set up all year or just now since it is summer break?

  5. Ours is called an "Extra Giga" punch by Marvy/Uchida, and makes 3.5" scallops. It's the only one we've ever purchased, so I don't know how common or uncommon it is around here. We got it at Michael's.

    We stagger the bedtimes by a half an hour. Just enough time to have some fun with one twin while the other twin falls asleep. And it's a year-round thing. We do move both bedtimes back while it's summer. Our girlies love to stay up late and sleep in (ahhhhhhh).

  6. Anonymous6/28/2011

    Thanks for the great idea!

  7. Yeah and I just wimp out and go to the dollar store to buy a banner for Maisie...bad Mama!

  8. I may just borrow this idea for Canada day ... :o)

  9. Hi,

    Adorable pictures. My hubby is also in Germany on business. Would be funny if they were attending same confrence. They would have alot of fun talking about their China dolls!

  10. This is kid fun!

  11. Lurve this idea. Must get my stuff out for our next party and make one too.