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Friday, September 16, 2011

The little peepers have been named

The new ducklings don’t quack at all, just make tiny peeping noises that sound vaguely bird-like. Which is probably good where the neighbors are concerned.

Anyhow, without further ado, we present to you Midnight Air (left) and Golden Bright (right):

Betcha couldn’t have guessed those names in a million years, huh? I sure didn’t expect them. Midnight Air was named by Ro, and Golden Bright was named by Ree. I think the names sound like fancy pedigreed horse names, which greatly amuses me. Personally I was silently rooting for Cheese and Quackers, while TubaDad was cheering for Donald and Daisy.

The new fluffs are pretty cute. And they’re really liking their new abode. The garden area is big enough but not too big to be scary, and has lots of fun old sunflower plants to crawl around in and peck at, a kid’s wading pool with rock ramp in and out, a pleasant bamboo awning for shade and hiding, and a little dog crate for safe nighttime sleeping. Not bad for new-in-town ducks.DSC_8032LRDSC_8008LR

The only problem so far is that TubaDad somehow messed up on turning off the garden sprinklers last night, so the poor dears got an unpleasant abrupt shower this morn. Ro and Ree said “at least ducks like water!” but yikes. That little problem has been remedied now, and it’s going to be smooth sailing in duckland.

I hope.

PS: No clue what kind of ducks they are. I tried googling it and there are so many kinds (and categories) that it’s mind boggling. Any duck-expert blog readers out there?


  1. LOL - I love your name choices!!! They are so cute!!

  2. Very fancy names for your sweet, fluffy friends! Sounds like they have it made in their new abode! Can you let us know what the girls record and learn from these little guys/gals? Heh....maybe the duck blog readers can help with the girl/boy question too! :o)

  3. Very cool, love the names! I was going to ask if you knew what kind they were until I read your post script. Friends of our have runner ducks so I know these are not they. ;) They like to eat fresh greens and probably won't start quacking until they are much older. You can usually determine the sex by the quack. The girls might find this site amusing. http://www.majesticwaterfowl.org/artquacks.htm
    Have fun! (and we'll see you tomorrow!)

  4. Anonymous9/16/2011

    Great names! I was hoping they would name them peanut butter and jelly.

    What a great learning experience for the girls.


  5. Anonymous9/16/2011

    You're quacking me up.

    They are very beautiful!

    All your preparation and learning will pay off again when you replace these two with permanent ducks . . . or bunnies, or turtles . . . or whatever . . .
    ;-) (not even kidding)

  6. I'm thinking the brown one is a Kakhi Campbell, and the black one is maybe a Cayuga. It's hard to tell until they have full adult plumage. We have four Kakhi Campbell girls in our backyard and we love them for entertainment and egg purposes. Nothing like eggs benedict made with fresh poached duck eggs, Adult ducks wouldn't take much more work, so I totally consider making ducks a part of the crew, In our backyard in Berkeley, we have two mini goats, eight chickens, and four ducks, and it means kids never get bored, there's always animals to play with!

  7. Glad you liked my Cheese 'n Quackers! I have a pair with those names. I live on a golf course and have many ducks inhabiting my pool about 6 months a year. They are uber-messy! I'll see if I can find out what type they are as they get a little bigger and take on adult plumage. Get some cracked corn from a feed store and feed them. I still do that - I had 14 here this morning eating out of one of my ground-feeder platforms. Provide lots of ground-height watering spots. You can get the plastic terra-cotta big pot saucers at Walmart for a couple bucks. They love those as they love to "root" in the water that is just at ground level. This is gonna be so much fun!

  8. Reminds me of the name I gave my first cat when I was a wee thing - Fluffy Tail. In time, she just became known as Fluffy. There really wasn't anything too fluffy about her come to think of it. She was a scrawny Calico.


  9. so cute! love it! They will have such fun watching them grow!

  10. Cheese and quackers?? HAHAHAHA..That made me giggle so hard-thank you!

  11. Loving the names! Super cute!

  12. A lot of ducklings look a like when they are little, but when they get their feathers in you should definatley be able to tell what kind they are. This just comes from my brief experience raising our chickens.

    Love the names and you are right they are very dignified.

  13. Fancy names dahling...heh!

  14. Anonymous9/24/2011

    They are SO cute! I raised ducks as a child from egg to release - so much fun. Just a caution - do you have foxes or coyotes in your area? I unfortunately lost some hatchlings to a fox, and it was a traumatic experience. They were in a completely enclosed area - the fox managed to open the chicken wire. I wouldn't want you or your adorable girls to go through what happened to me!