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Thursday, September 15, 2011

The two newest residents at our house

The girls and their friends signed up for an educational program through a local farm where they get to take two ducklings home for a month, document what they learn, then return the (hopefully stunningly healthy) ducklings. I’m not sure who was more excited this afternoon on the way to the farm, the kiddos or the moms. IMG_0406LR

Here are our two. Cute, aren’t they?:IMG_0415LR

Ro and Ree still haven’t decided who gets which duckling, or what they’re going to name the little fluffs. And we have no idea how to tell if these little ones are boy or girls. Guess I’ll Google it, right after we get home from buying duck food. In the meantime, does anyone have any fun name suggestions?

Duckling A and B are living in our fenced-off garden, the one where we never did get anything to grow. Except for that little Rosemary plant. Oh well, at least it will be put to good use now.IMG_0417LRIMG_0409LRIMG_0413LR



  1. How fun! I think yu should name them Peanut Butter and Jelly!

  2. Daffy and Donald/Daisy depending on gender.

  3. How about Larry and Moe?

  4. How about Cheese and Quackers?

  5. Anonymous9/15/2011

    I think Ro and Ree should be the people who name them.

  6. What a great project!!

  7. One of my favorite childhood books was the story of the duck named Ping. So I vote for Ping & Pong.

  8. Anonymous9/15/2011

    One idea may be to cover the top if you have hawks in the area. Not to be fatalistic but those are very cute sitting ducks.

    Great fun! I would love a duckling for a month.

  9. this may be a bit "mean"...but the first thing I thought of was..

    PEKING.. =X

    (I was hungry too.)

  10. What a great idea and a fun way for the girls to learn! How about Fluff and Feathers?

  11. Anonymous9/15/2011

    Huey and Dewey...and then keep a look out for Louey.

    How fun for Ro and Ree!

    Aunt Jane and Uncle Bobby

  12. Anonymous9/15/2011

    Do you remember the ducks in our closet? I'll never forget the smell! We named then Mack, Quack, Wack etc after the ones from Make Way for Ducklings.

  13. ok, we got to know where do you do this! We live in the bay area too. Too cute!!

  14. You'll probably never be able to figure out whether they're boys, girls, or a mix in the time you have them--if they're like chickens, you have to be either a real expert to sex them or else just wait until the boys start looking fancy.

    Anyway, great fun! I second the idea that you put a roof thing on the pen to keep hawks/etc. out.

    Hocus and Pocus? Mutt and Jeff? Romeo and Juliet? Have fun!

  15. Anonymous9/16/2011

    I think using chinese names would be fun.


  16. That is the COOLEST thing ever. Man, I bet I know who the girls want to check on first thing in the morning.

    I can't wait to see what name you pick. It is fun to see what kids come up with. Our newest kitty got the name of Junior because he looks like our old (may he rest in peace) cat. It junior in his honor.

  17. Huey and Dewey is what I like too. A little story...my husband had a Huey, Dewey and Louie. His mother gave them to his teacher when they were tired of raising them. Hubby asked the teacher how his ducks were doing one day and the teacher replied "They were delicious." Poor hubby was devastated.

  18. Destination: Yesterday was the last day to pick up ducks, so the program is over for now. They should have new chick programs and then goat programs coming up, and I'll post a message when I hear about them next time.

    Laurel: You know it! They practically wanted to run outside in their PJs this morn. Could barely stand to get dressed first. These little ducklings are so cute.

  19. Jut too cute and such a fun experiment. I can't wait to read all about the Salsa Duck Adventures.

  20. Anonymous9/20/2011

    How great for the girls!!! I remember in High School I had to do a similar project, only raising a duck from an egg. When it came time to return the duck, the whole family was attached..."Duckie" lived with us for 10 years! :)