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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

Isn’t it fun seeing all the neighborhood and school kids dressed in their Halloween finery? The wild array of costumes just makes me grin. This year Ro is a frost fairy and Ree is a magical mermaid. They picked their costumes out of catalogs ages ago and never wavered.

Have a wonderful night of trick or treating. We’ve got a costume parade at school this afternoon, an early dinner (in hopes of filling their bellies with real food first), and then the main event.

PS: I’m curious – how do those of you with little ones handle door duty? We usually all go with the girls trick or treating, which means no one is home to give out candy until we return. I always feel bad for anyone ringing our bell while we’re out, but no one wants to miss having fun with Ro and Ree as they run up to each door in giggly anticipation.

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  1. Absolutely ADORABLE costumes!! The girls are going to have so much fun tonight I'm sure!!

    As for handing out candy...I'm of no help. We've never had a trickortreater here. :( Our neighbors had never had one either until we moved and Jake knocked on their door our first year here...they cried! I say go enjoy the night with your girls and enjoy those memories. :)

  2. Oh my...the girls look absolutely adorable!! So cute and love the way their little personalities come out in these pics!

    As for trick or treat last year I was a real bum and didn't buy candy to hand out. :o( I just went out with my sweetie.

    This year we're going with friends so I'm taking our candy and pumpkin to their place where Ange will hand out for both of us and Gavin and I will take the littles out Trick or Treating.

    You don't want to miss this time with your amazing kiddos so have fun and then come home and catch those that you can.

  3. They look super cute!

    As far as the candy handing out goes, we just leave a big-ol-bowl full on our porch and let kids help themselves while we're away.

  4. Great costumes! As for handing out candy, we have the only little kids on our street, and we usually go out to eat after trick-or-treating, so we don't generally get any trick-or-treaters ourselves. If any happen to come by between the time we get home and bedtime for the kids, we do have some candy on-hand.

  5. We take turns staying home. One person gives out candy and the rest go with the girls. Hate missing seeing them have fun, but we feel that if we are getting, someone should give out goodies. Sometimes we switch half way through the evening.

    Your girls looks precious.


  6. love those costumes!!

    I asked a friend the same question - he said at least one of the grandparents come over to hand out candy :)

  7. You could just leave the bowl by the door with a note that says "happy Halloween- one piece per child please" or something like that.

  8. Anonymous10/31/2011

    oh my gosh! they look so LITTLE when they;re not dressed in their high fashion attire! such sweet things!

  9. They look gorgeous.

    leave a plastic pumpkin filled with candy on the doorstep and I help yourself sign. Only once was it stolen.

  10. Anonymous10/31/2011

    Beautiful, great costumes. Hope you all have fun.


  11. Gorgeous!! They look so grown up, yet so child-like at the same time. We leave our candy with our next door neighbours and then they let the kids know that the candy is from us. When we get home, we grab what's left and continue to hand it out. It works well for us.

  12. Lovely! We had a moment of interest in a mermaid which thankfully passed - I did not want to sew tail fins.

    The girls were a Ghost, Tinker Bell and Vidia (from Tinker Bell.)

    We put candy out on the steps with a note and then let the girls hand out the rest after they have jammied/bathed.

  13. Impressive costumes! But again, costumes ARE more impressive when they're not buried in winter wear. I'm very envious -- it was a rainy, dreary night on the east coast.

    Don't feel too bad, we close up shop and head out with our daughter. We can't seem to recruit a family member to hang out here to pass out candy. Neither of us want to miss out on trick or treating!

  14. Love the costumes! Greg and Uncle Jason are more than happy to stay behind and hand out candy while Aunt Jenny and I take them door to door. They are little enough, that we're never gone for more than 30 or 45 minutes, and they wear out (plus, it get pretty dark here, pretty fast this time of year).

  15. Anonymous10/31/2011

    Lovely costumed girls!

    If you keep in mind that you are models for your children, you will see a way to handle the candy-sharing wisely.

  16. We leave a large, plastic bowl full of candy on the front porch step. Other kids can come and help themselves while we are out trick or treating and when we get back we finish handing it out. It has never been stolen. The girls look so awesome in their costumes!

  17. Anonymous10/31/2011

    So cute, they are such individuals now! How do you handle the candy influx(x2)?

  18. Very cute those girly girls of yours, bet they had an awesome time trick or treating. We leave a box of candy out and the kids help themselves.

  19. Anonymous10/31/2011

    We used to leave a big bowl out with a sign that said "help yourself to a treat but please leave enough for others. Happy Halloween!" after three or four years of that last year we came back and not only was the bowl empty, it was gone! Along with our second gnome (first one got taken too). So this year we just said that if we got home early enough we'll pass some out otherwise it was too bad for them.

    Can I just add something else? While my girl was out trick or treating she was kind and mannered. She picked one piece without being told, and though I reminded her a few times, for the most part she said thank you and happy halloween.

    When we came home we turned on the porch light and the older kids from across the street saw us and came by (neighbor kids, like them). Then a knock on the door and I see a kid who looks like he's about 10. He just stands there so I just stood there and said hello. Finally he says "trick or treat, smell my feet, etc". Because I had so much candy and trinkets left I gave him a HUGE practically double fisted handful. He peers into the bowl and says "Oh, you have toys mixed in there" with a disappointed voice. I am still smiling and I look at him waiting for him to say thank you or good night or something. Instead he's still peering into my bowl and finds a toy he actually wants and says "I want that" no, "can I, or may I" so I tell him kindly that I've already given him a very generous scoop of stash. He ignores me, whines that he wants the white toy and reaches into my bowl and snags it!

    Normally I couldn't give a hoot about the stuff but I thought he was being rude so I quickly, but nicely and gently pluck it out of is fingers and thank him for visiting and practically start shutting the door on him. Dad, this whole time was standing below waiting not saying a word. I couldn't even look at dad.

    Was I wrong to be peeved? Sorry, I just had to get it out there and survey what others would have done.

  20. Anonymous11/01/2011

    We got one grumpy householder, she'd put a sign on the door saying she was trying to get the baby to sleep so don't knock. Of course the little kids can't read, and knocked, so she got angry with them. Okay, I can sympathise that it's hard to settle the baby, but if you don't want people knocking, put the note on the front gate where the parents can see it and stop the kids going up to the house!!

  21. I don't feel bad at all about going trick or treating with my daughter and not being at home. We spent MANY YEARS decorating the outside of the whole house and having great treat bags for kids BEFORE we were able to become parents, and when our kids are grown up and done trick or treating... we'll have years to be home doing it again. When they're so little, so cute, and having so much fun dressed up in costume... we have to savor this time and spend it with them. It will go by so quickly!

  22. Fun stuff! From where did you get their costumes? They are super.

    You could do the bowl on the front stoop with a note. But what we had happen to us last night was a woman walking with her child, would hand out little bags of treats to the kids as we were all on the street. From what I surmise, no one could stay at home to hand out/is a single parent so she handed out while trick or treating with her child. I loved it! Thought it was a great way to overcome the problem many families face.

    Keep smilin!

  23. They both look FABULOUS....and yay for not wavering on their choices. I don't think that would work here. Sarah changes her mind as often as she changes her clothes:)

    Hope you had a Happy Halloween!! I am sure the girls are enjoying lots of sweet treats.



  24. Well, I used to do trick-or-treat while DH stayed home to pass out candy, but then we found out that some dads in our neighborhood do trick-or-beer! Yeah, that's right, they come to the door and ask for a cold beer, and then have one to drink while walking around (all quite responsibly in our teeny neighborhood, mind you). Too funny. Now, we share duties...I do half the neighborhood, come home with her for a potty break, and he does the other half.

  25. So adorable! Love to see their personalities and flavor!!!


  26. Kristina11/01/2011

    They look FABULOUS!!! Savannah was a witch at Boy Scouts and Great-Grandma's for trick or treating. The Pink Pirate came out for school and trick or treating!

    You should get a Kyle! They pass out candy for you!! ;) Actually, this year his buddies called and he wanted to go out so I stayed home and passed out the candy. Not as much fun but we have never not passed out candy so I stayed home.

  27. Love the snowflakes & the mermaid. We usually put out a bowl of candy if we're not going to be home. We always make sure to save some extra candy for later, in case the bowl becomes empty.

  28. Saw this series of lunch photos and thought of your recent post asking for help with the girls lunches! http://www.flickr.com/photos/mslil65/sets/72157601755804789/

  29. Oooooo, thanks KLM!!!!

  30. Anonymous11/03/2011

    I always stay home and my husband does the trick or treating. I figure it is fair since I have so many 'firsts' and times without him as the Mommy. It is HARD though...

  31. So darling.

    My SIL comes over (always in costume) and covers the candy-handing-out duties while Dad and I take the girls out TorTing.

    And I have to say that we would LOVE to be able to Trick or Treat without wearing multiple layers under costumes or, worse yet, coats, hats and mittens over them. There are days that I wish I lived in a warmer climate!

  32. where oh where do you find such adorable and well made costumes?? The girls look absolutely beautiful!!

  33. They look lovely! I just love Ro's expression in that first picture - 'don't mess with the frost fairy!' :-).

  34. they are adorable! We have the exact same mermaid dress - how did yours hold up? The "hoopy" things on the last layer broke through and made a mess - so I cut off that layer (I'm a mama who does that!) - looked great - she wore it again - same thing happened to the then bottom layer :( I could see if she was rough on the dress - but does walking and sitting on the couch count as rough?!?!?


  35. Hi everyone, the costumes were from Wishcraft (a division of Chasing Fireflies or something like that). They are incredibly well made, heavy, and made of nice materials -- they actually surprised me. And they have held up perfectly so far.

  36. Anonymous11/06/2011

    We take turns staying home. I'm old school and LOVE it when someone answers the door (as oopsed to lights out or a lonely candy bowl.)

  37. I'm a bit late catching up here but my MIL mans the door for us while we are out collecting all the goodies. She comes by to see the kids in their costumes and then stays until we get home. A perfect arrangement for everyone.

  38. Anonymous11/12/2011

    M3 Wow the girls are growing up !

    Love the costumes.

    As for Trick and treat. I love to dress up the girls and take lots of photos. Daddy takes them trick or treat . I like to dress up and hand out the candy so I get to see all the kids at my door and my hubbby sees them all on the street. We have a very small street 19 houses of which maybe 12 hand out candy. We have done this for 9 years and one year we also went to a church event as well. hope this helps happy belated halloween.