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Sunday, October 30, 2011

TJ’s never lets us down

Swung by Trader Joe’s to get Ro and Ree’s mochi ice cream fix and spotted some enticing-looking pumpkin pancake mix. Well you know that box vaulted right into our cart. Feasted on them this morn. One word: yum!!!DSC_9143LRDSC_9128LR

Like warm pumpkin bread in a pancake shape. Delish. I hope this isn’t just a seasonal thing that TJ’s will stop carrying in a month or two. Might need to stock up!


Ro likes them with just butter, Ree likes them plain and dipped in maple syrup, and I like them with both butter and syrup.DSC_9134LR


PS: The girls found this feather in the park and want to know what it’s from. I thought maybe spotted owl (do we even have those in CA?), but Ree was justifiably skeptical of my avian knowledge and said “Just put it on the blog, mama, and ask them, they always know.” Heh. True.DSC_9147LR

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  1. Adoptivemomto210/30/2011

    I so miss TJ's!! That pancake mix looks awesome! I'm going to CA next week for work..I wonder if I can take it home in carry-on?

  2. Anonymous10/30/2011


    after that LAST post i was sure 'TJs' was a bar! (tiajuana's) a1

  3. Anonymous10/30/2011

    They are seasonal so stock up. I got a box last year and then went back months later and like the delicious apple cider, it was gone.

  4. Anonymous10/30/2011

    I believe it is a wing feather from a red tailed hawk probably an immature one.

  5. Anonymous10/30/2011

    Yes, it's seasonal. I would have stocked up last year if I had known. We eat it almost every day!
    I buy like 2-4 every time I go now.


  6. I can't read this post, it burns my eyes LOL . We don't have TJ's here and that is just wrong. They say it's coming and I hope so cos the last time we had mochi balls was in Seattle.

    It's a bird feather.

  7. Ok, Dawn's post of: "It's a bird feather". Had me rolling on the floor laughing.
    Don't know what kind it is...just thought that was too funny!
    Stock up on the Pancake mix - when it's gone it's gone until next season!

  8. Can you mail me some of the mix. Man, that sounds yummy. I am making pumpkin bread tomorrow for my sisters visit, but would love the mix.

  9. All of their pumpkin stuff is seasonal, sadly. Their pumpkin bread mix is really good and their Pumpkin Butter....YUM!!!!

    A really great snack: Graham Cracker...spread with cream cheese...spread with pumpkin butter. Delish! I also spread cream cheese on a tortilla, roll it up, dip into the pumpkin butter. And, finally...there is a recipe on the Pumpkin Butter jar for Pumpkin Soup.

    Stock up, sister!

  10. Try the pumpkin bread mix! I add some canned organic pumpkin and some chocolate chips and it makes awesome muffins.

    The pumpkin butter is so good too.

  11. So wishing TJ would come to Utah! Sent a few days in Yosemite with Tiff and Co just happened upon TJ in Carson City... we were sucked in and laden with TJ packages! One of those Yummm boxes ended up here in Utah. Will have to try it out this coming weekend.

  12. Osprey? http://www.kimmichaels.com/keyword/feathers#1438614583_gcQ3sdn

    Do you have those out there?

  13. We stretch it out by adding nutmeg and cinnamon to regular Bisquik. Might have to get into TJ's.

    Going with a bird feather too

  14. Those pancakes look so good! I am into this carmel apple cider!

    This time of year offers such good treats. I am thinking you might need to stock up. I bet it is a seasonal thing.

    As for the feather.....it is from a bird. That's all I know.

  15. Anonymous10/31/2011

    You DO need to stock up! It's only a fall/early winter item. And it is delicious! The pumpkin bread is really yummy too.

  16. Those pancakes look amazing! I lurve anything pumpkin and am right there with you...butter and syrup is the way to go!

    Now, of to check and see if there are any TJ's in FL? Would be good to stock up on that mix + oni geery. (Heh...can't figure out how in the world to spell that!!)

  17. Just saw Wela's answer. That Wela is a wise gal!!

  18. Yum, pumpkin pancakes sound delicious!

    Sadly no Trader Joes on this side of the pond, so we will have to make them from scratch!

  19. Anonymous10/31/2011

    I forgot to say, add some pumpkin pie spice and it's even better.