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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Is this bad karma because I forgot to fill the cat's food bowl yesterday?

Had a setback last night: we got home to find a letter from the Department of Homeland Security saying that the homestudy we submitted to them 2 long weeks ago was not acceptable and needed to be amended. Apparently saying "TubaDad and M3 are approved to adopt an infant or twins from China" needed to be changed to "TubaDad and M3 are approved to adopt two children from China." Lovely. We called our social worker this morning, she amended the document, it was notarized, we had it couriered to our house, and we will drop off the new one at the INS tonight. Unfortunately we have now lost at least 2 weeks, so we will probably be pushed into the June DTC (dossier to china) group instead of the May group we were hoping for. Okey dokey, in with the good air, out with the bad... It's pointless to stress about things we can't control... That new twitch in my right eyelid is sure to go away soon...

(By the way, saying we're approved to adopt two children is just a safeguard so we don't have to scramble to re-do paperwork on the extremely off chance that we're referred twins. We are 99.999% certain we'll be referred one beautiful little girl.)