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Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Shots, paperwork, and a new niece!

Well, I finally got M3 down to the travel clinic today for our shots. She tried to get out of them every way she possibly could, but she finally caved in. The guy who gave them to us was really good and mine didn't hurt at all. In fact, right as he was giving me the shot my cel phone started vibrating and distracted me, so I don't think I even felt the actual shot. We have to go back in a month and again in six months for the rest of the series of hepatitis shots. After that, we're done with them for life! Wait, that means I have to get M back down there twice more. This is not going to be easy! She is not convinced that it was a virtually painless experience, but she did emerge from the clinic with her priorities intact. Not too long after we got in the car she said "OK, let's talk presents." Maybe I'll get her another pair of black shoes!

There is no paperwork news to report. We still haven't received our i171H form from the USCIS, but maybe it will arrive in the next few days. It will be nice to get all of the paperwork certified, authenticated, translated, and then sent off to the CCAA in China. We read in the Yahoo newsgroup that there have been quite a few sets of twins and a few boys in this latest round of referrals. We'd better not start expecting a little girl until we get the actual referral - apparently anything can happen!

Big news of the week (WAY bigger than getting our shots): We are very excited about the impending arrival of our new niece! My (TubaDad's) sister Rejeana is supposed to deliver a baby girl sometime tomorrow if everything goes according to plan, so everybody think good thoughts. We're going to Texas in a couple of weeks to meet her and catch up with everyone, and we're really looking forward to the trip. Can't wait to see everyone!