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Friday, April 22, 2005

Our timeline (yep, all the gory details)

  • 2/3/05: Start homestudy (HS)
  • 2/6/05: i600-A form to INS
  • 2/9/05: LiveScan fingerprinting
  • 3/6/05: INS request i134 + more docs
  • 3/12/05: DBI Tenprinter fingerprinting
  • 3/18/05: i134 + docs to INS
  • 4/6/05: HS to INS
  • 4/20/05: INS rejects HS (tells us to change 1 word)
  • 4/22/05: New HS to INS
  • 6/15/05: i171-H, INS approval to adopt
  • 6/16/05: Sec of state certification (Sacto)
  • 6/16/05: Chinese consulate authentication (SF)
  • 6/29/05: DTC! (Dossier to China)
  • 7/14/05: Dossier logged in China (LID)
  • 4/25/06: Re-fingerprinted
  • 8/28/06: Got our referral!!!
  • 9/21/06: Got TA
  • China trip (Oct 20 to Nov 4)
  • Home as a family of 4!


  1. AUGUST 28, 2006

    Referrals are here!

    The day your lives changed FOREVER!

  2. I actually remember the day you got your referral....I was a lurker back then and did not blog myself.....yours was one of the first blogs that I followed! What a glorious day it was.....and I loved that you captured the moment on video for all of us to see!! Who would have thought....TWINS!!!

    Thanks for sharing your timeline.....I know it seemed like a long wait when you thought it was only going to be 6 months. One year seemed like forever....who would have thought that we would still be waiting almost THREE years later!

    Enjoy your Sunday!


  3. so cool, wish i'd known your blog way back then :O)

  4. I remember almost all of it..being the first commenter on your blog and all. I specifically remember wth glee the day of the certification!!!! HAHA Well, and of course, I'll never let TubaDad live down Referral day. Hmmmmm