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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Oh yeah, baybee -- nutella for breakfast!

Didn't have any milk at home so we *had* to grab breakfast at the nearby cafe. Does it get any better than a toasted english muffin with nutella and peanut butter? Dang man, I'm going to start pouring the milk out when TubaDad's not looking so we have to eat breakfast out more often. This is going to be a GREAT day!

Should new towels feel funny?
One other thing, don't know what possessed us but we grabbed clean towels from the linen closet this morning, but then when I hopped out of the shower I noticed the towels felt... odd. And that can't be a good thing, right? If you change your towels so infrequently that fresh ones really feel funny to you? (Yes mom, I am a pathetic housekeeper and a horrible reflection on my mother, and you did teach me better than that.) So anyhow, I pointed this out to TubaDad who agreed and said yes we should probably change them more often, "like TWO or THREE times a week"!!! Whoa there pardner, let's take it easy. No need to go from zero to sixty. How 'bout we work up to changing them once a week? He also said that "some Health Department probably has a recommendation or something." Oh God, that killed me. Would that be the Department of Towel-land Security or something like that? Now you just know I'm going to waste tons of time Googling the "recommended towel changing timeframe" this morning and ignoring my email. Oh well. Maybe you could save me some time and just let me know how often your change out your towels for clean, fresh ones?

(Oh, and for those who asked, the i171-H from the INS did not come last night. Still waiting, waiting, waiting.)