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Monday, May 16, 2005

Our kid's gonna be an Olympian!

Ok, so TubaDad and I are prepared to teach little Funshine how to load up an iPOD with great music (from Chopin to Crash Test Dummies), how to pick a good book just by glancing at the cover, how to paint pictures without worrying what people think, where to get the best tacos in almost any state, and which winery serves amazing appetizers with its wine tasting -- you know, all those really critical things you need to teach your children. But there's one area where we're a little, um, weak. It's this new-fangled thing called exercise... Have you heard of it? Oh reallllly? Well do you actually do it? We *say* we're going to do it. And we buy all sorts of cool toys and gadgets designed for it. And I have the cutest workout clothes (most still with tags sadly). But somehow there's just never time. So here's the great news -- bro Bobby and s.i.l. Jane ("Bike" and "Run" in the below REI ad; yes that's really them) have agreed to be the kiddo's guardians! That's right, this lucky little one is rei3 going to have the healthiest role models around. We're thinking spring training at Bobby and Jane's. At least one month every year. No make that TWO months (we eat a lot of tacos). Yahoo!! Those endorsements are going to be rolling in. Nike? Sure. Adidas? Oh why not. Bring em on, Funshine will be ready! BTW: Still no i171-H in the mailbox, even though we went out of town and completely ignored the mailbox for an entire day and a half. The INS folks are just toying with us now, aren't they? Oh well, we still had a great trip and TubaDad's last music job of the season was excellent! (Excellent means there was a whole bunch of tuba, which is how I rate the quality of all symphonies.)