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Saturday, May 14, 2005

We're going to be ok: emergency taco kits

Risa is the best! Look at this picture she sent us! After reading "help my husband needs a taco" she found this hilarious solution to our problem: the Old El Paso emergency taco kit (now with duct tape). Perfecto! The batteries and duct tape might not be authentic TexMex, but I'm dang sure the dads could find a use for them on the trip to China. Hmm, I wonder if they'll ever stock these at Costco or at that 7-11 near the White Swan? ;-) emergencytacokit_404x308 *Image created by The Onion®, a satirical (faux) newspaper published by Onion, Inc. We're heading out of town today for TubaDad's last musician gig of the season. If you've got a yen for the tuba, email us and we'll give you the details. Oh, and the i171-H still didn't get here, but we're not worried. No, not worried at all. They never lose anyone's paperwork, right? Or just decide they don't like someone and "accidentally" misfile it? Or get bored and use your file to build paper airplanes? Nawwww. I'm sure it'll get here soon. If you see a crazy lady near our mailbox this afternoon, that's just my mom who couldn't wait until we get back to see if it came. We watched a good National Geographic show about adoption from China last night called "China's Lost Girls." Have you seen it? TubaDad ordered it online here. It was hosted by Lisa Ling and followed a group of families on their way to adopt. I'd definitely recommend it, because it's really interesting to see the process, but I wish they had shown us more on the personal aspect of the families or more of the kids after they got home. If you're in the Bay Area and want to borrow it, just drop us an email. Take care and have a great weekend. A huge thank you and big kisses to Risa! (sorry about my salsa breath...)