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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Not a care in the world

Have you ever been THIS relaxed? That's right, Mango is loving life and does not spend one second worrying about whether his dossier somehow fell behind someone's desk in China or was misfiled or accidentally stapled to the back of someone's Tianjin Electric Power Corporation bill. He doesn't even know what LID means. He does, however, know what "treat" means and will leap into stunningly fast action if he hears that word. So I guess I'd better not say it outloud as I type it - don't want the poor kitty to pull a muscle or anything. We've been keeping an eye on the yahoo groups (um, yes, we have joined many, many groups, doesn't everyone?) and it looks like no dossiers mailed at the end of June have LIDs yet. So we're not too worried. Yet... I was reading one of these yahoo groups and this lady named Judy said "Adoption can be a roller coaster of emotions. When you have delays in paperchasing, delays in getting the famous I-171H, delays in getting your referral, and then delays in getting your Travel Approval, you can easily get so discouraged." And then this guy named Mark just killed me when he said it was a "Stroller Coaster Ride." What a perfect name! So hang on folks, we're on the stroller coaster ride and we're strapped in for the duration.