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Saturday, July 23, 2005

Wait, shmait. Got a good brownie recipe?

Ok we've been patient. We log in and check the agency web site every day, skim down to the secret parents-only section and calmly and casually (almost like it doesn't matter) look to see if we have our LID (dossier Log In Date) yet. It's like a little ritual where if we pretend it's no big deal and don't focus any attention on it, it will happen faster. But every day it's the same - no dice, suckah! This morning is no different. Rrrrrrrr! We were DTC on June 29, and we got word that our dossier was actually delivered to the CCAA on July 5, so WHAT IS THE PROBLEM?! Our 6-month clock doesn't start until that date, so as you can imagine we are a tiny bit wrapped up in it. That's it - I'm all riled up now, so I'm going to head downstairs and bake a huge pan of fudgy hershey's kisses brownies. Yes that IS how we deal with stress in this house. Anyone have a problem with that?! Good, then if you're in the neighborhood in about 50 minutes stop in for a breakfast of ice cold milk and brownies with us. And share a recipe if you've got one - I'm using a box mix, which gives my mom fits. By the way, don't forget to stop by Our Journey to Baby Shanahan and wish Lisa and Eammon the biggest congratulations of all, because they are DTC!!!! Whahoo!