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Saturday, July 30, 2005

OK, now we are REALLY sad

Yeah, yeah, so it doesn't rival world hunger or anything like that, but I just thought you should know that we have now eaten the LAST chocolate covered macadamia nut from our trip. That's right folks, if you come over to our house now you will be offered lame mainland chocolate and icecream. Maybe a little Redi-Whip on the side (if TubaDad and my dad didn't dust it for breakfast this morn.) But, sadly, there are no more little boxes of macadamia paradise scattered around the house. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted. We'll just have to go back to Maui real soon to re-stock. (Uh, if my boss is reading this, we are just kidding. There will be no more last-minute vacations, no siree. It's nose to the grindstone for us. Heh heh.) On the plus side the internet is just bursting with good adoption news this week. Referrals, and DTCs, and LIDs, oh my! You can't even click on a web site without tearing up a little. It's almost enough to make a girl not even miss her amazing Hawaiian chocolate. Almost. (PS: did you notice I added a fun little audio file to the la la la in the last post? That's right, now you can hear me in all my tone deaf glory. Dad you were right when you said 20 years ago "M never could sing..." But that's never stopped anyone in our family, has it? Enjoy.)