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Thursday, August 4, 2005

We don't even know what we don't know yet

Our 3 nieces and nephews are in town from Texas and we're starting them off right: with brownies for breakfast of course. Hey that's what the cool aunts and uncles do! (Don't worry, the diet coke is for us, we're not complete barbarians. The kids get milk.) By the way, Rejeana and John (the very experienced parents) immediately tried to scare us by whipping out this "seat cover" for the car that they brought with them. It was unpacked in the airport parking lot before any of the kids were even allowed in our car! What on earth would you need something like that for? Should we be worried???!!! Oh, and Rejeana just asked me if we wanted her to spread something underneath the kids' seats at the kitchen table before they started eating. Huh?! Doesn't the food stay on the plates or in their mouths? Oh man, we are SO in over our heads... It's a good thing our social worker didn't find out how much we don't know.