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Friday, July 29, 2005

We have our LID date!!!!!!

Woke up to an email from fellow adoptive parent Tricia saying that her LID date was online and I should check to see if ours was too. So I freaked out and lost the ability to type and it took me 3 minutes to finally get that agency web site login to work. And there it was!!!!! LID 7/14/05. I swear I heard "la La LAAAAAAAA" in my head in perfect ascending pitch. It was so thrilling. And then I immediately raced back to Yahoo mail and shakingly typed this slightly embarrassing email:

Tricia I could just kiss you!!!!!! We have our LID!!!! Oh man I am wayyyyy overusing exclamation points. Hahahaha. I'm just giddy. Oh, I didn't say the date yet - it's 7/14/05. Oh wow. Gotta run, I have to go post a blog entry. Whahooooooo! Thank you so much for emailing me, I wouldn't have even checked the site. And congratulations to you guys - 7/20? That means we're in the same travel group, right? How exciting!!! Enjoy your weekend, hope you celebrate in style. So happy, M3

Oh, and then I told TubaDad. Heh! So there you have it. We are officially logged in to the system in China and now can settle happily in to our 6-month wait for a referral. The next time we'll hear from our agency will probably be a phone call in late January where they tell us our child's name, age, and province and send us a picture or two. Wow. Goosebumps.