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Saturday, August 20, 2005

Don't let the size fool you, it could have been vicious

The second I was left alone in the house today one of the cats brought a hideous creature into the house and dropped it at my feet. I don't know why the neighbors didn't come running, because I'm sure my screams could be heard in the next county. You might notice, by examining the pictures very closely, that this snake was just a smidge shy of full grown. OK, OK, actually he was probably a newborn or just hatched or spawned or however the hell you describe those evil things, but still! After I finished yelling at the cat and fruitlessly dialing all the neighbors, I realized help was not coming. So I risked certain death and got close enough to throw a trashcan over it. Then a quick call to TubaDad's cell where I calmly (hahahaha) communicated that he needed to come home NOW, and things were looking up. TubaDad and the neighbors arrived at the same time, and (typically) no one shared my terror. Didn't they realize that they were oooohing and ahhhhing over a potential killer? (So what if he didn't have rattles, he had an EVIL look in his eye, and his tongue kept flicking and flicking and, ugh!) Well anyhow, the treacherous intruder is now living wayyyyy down the hill and across the street, where hopefully he won't terrorize anyone else. Whew. After all that excitement, we had a little more! Stacey's family, the Hoyt family, and my folks came over for a fun barbeque. We enjoyed a little swimming, a little eating (and eating and eating), some killer games of horseshoes, and a lot of laughs. Looking forward to more good times with them. (And less "good times" with the dang cats.)