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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Warning: killer on the loose

Unbelievably, we have had another unfortunate vermin massacre in our home. Yes that's right, TWO feline-induced attacks in TWO days. It's like living with a serial killer. I had completely recovered from the serpent in my kitchen when I walked upstairs today and nearly stepped on a bloody lizard tail in my hallway!!!!!!! Once again I calmly (can barely type that without snorting) requested TubaDad's presence. When TubaDad teleported upstairs to stop my shrieking, I had already marked the scene of the crime and was hyperventilating about where the rest of it could be. I was hoping and praying that this was just a random animal part that Manson Xena had found and brought into the house when I heard TubaDad say the words that chilled me... "Found it." Nice. You don't want to see the horror that greeted me in that room. I'll hide it behind this click, and I advise you not to click it if you are anything like me. Seriously. And the grim reaper responsible for this carnage, and my coming unhinged tonight? Click here to see her up close, if you dare. Do you think we'll be disqualified as prospective adoptive parents if the bureaucrats in China find out we're living with killers? On the "not fit to parent" scale, is it better or worse than the fact that we don't eat vegetables?