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Wednesday, November 2, 2005

The chocolate fountain did not disappoint

Well the Chocolate Fountain premiered this weekend and that little baby worked like a charm! I tend to be skeptical of fancy kitchen appliances you buy at a hardware store (gee, can't imagine why) so I laughed with glee when we fired it up and that liquid chocolate started flowing just like it was supposed to. (Actually the laughing was kind of muffled by the chocolate-drizzled marshmallow that was immediately stuffed in my mouth.) Mmmm! We had a few people over to help test out the new toy and everyone gave it high marks. Stacey Teague and husband Mark brought over a whole grocery cart's worth of goodies to dip in the chocolate - thanks guys! And the scientific food testers were very vocal about their favorite dipping items. My faves were the bananas, angel food cake, and popcorn, in case you're curious, and TubaDad will have to leave a comment here to let ya'll know what he gravitated toward. Rumor has it that Will Ed (TubaDad's dad) tried every single item on the table. Whew! He clearly outpaced the rest of us chocolate-fountain amateurs. If you NEED one of these fountains, (and who doesn't?) we got it at OSH for about fifty bucks. And it takes regular chocolate chips and cooking oil to fire it up. You can thank me later. Heh. The adoptive parents gathering at Santana Row on Sunday was also great! It was nice to let the dads in on the fun this time around. Thanks to everyone who came, it was cool hanging out with you and especially thanks to the kids for wearing costumes and making my day. You're all stars in my book! See you all next time.