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Saturday, November 5, 2005

Sometimes change IS good

Was having coffee with Rhonda at the mall yesterday and she slipped me one of these. ------> It was like an illicit drug deal. One minute I'm calmly sipping my Starbucks drip o' the day (yeah, I'm not fancy - but you knew that already, right?) and the next I hear "Pssst, I brought you something." And she slipped it out of her purse, palmed it right there in the middle of the food court, and transferred it to me under the table. OK, it didn't happen exactly like that, but now that I've tasted the candy bar - I swear it should have. These things are like drugs, they are so addictive. You all know how I am about chocolate to begin with. Shoot, the entire family is legendary for unmitigated lack of willpower. Well Rhonda might as well have passed me the latest bright green pills they're selling on the street corner these days. These little darlings have chocolate, pretzels, caramel, peanut butter, and I don't know what else in them. So if you haven't tried a new candy bar since Reagan was in office, you might want to embrace change and try this new one. Oh, and sorry about the picture, the wrapper is a little crumpled and, well, empty already, because I just couldn't wait. Don't blame me, blame the addiction.