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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tonight's the night: mac and cheese!

TubaDad has been working his tail off and tonight his reward is homemade mac and cheese for dinner! Yep, I'll be attempting to make Karen's mouthwatering recipe, the one that calls for 5 kinds of cheese, 9 TB of butter, 2 eggs, and half and half. Whooeeee. Hope we don't clog up an artery and die right on the spot. Oh well, at least we'll die happy. There was one small glitch when I went shopping for the ingredients (and I'm horribly embarrassed to admit this in front of the Texas relatives, who will probably disown me immediately). The problem was: I have never purchased Velveeta cheese and couldn't for the life of me find the stuff. Searched high and low all over the dang grocery store, then finally had to admit defeat and ask a bagboy for help. He laughed (kind of loud) at me and walked me over to the rack and pointed out the boxes. Then laughed some more when I indignantly said "it comes in a BOX and it's not even refrigerated?!" Bah. Who knew? And please tell me, anyone, why doesn't it have to be kept cold? What the heck is that stuff anyway? Because apparently it's not cheese!