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Thursday, December 1, 2005

Two thumbs up on the mac and some fun gifts

For the curious (whether asking about my admittedly questionable cooking ability or the success of the recipe), the meal was a great success! After getting past the little Velveeta incident in the grocery store, everything else went smoothly and the mac turned out perfectly. Please see the picture at left for proof. Doesn't it look like one of those picture-perfect Betty Crocker cookbook illustrations? And notice how I piled the plates with as much greenery as TubaDad could stand in the hopes that it would counteract the 5 cheeses (er, well, I guess we now know that it is 4 cheeses plus Velveeta which is a "processed cheese food"). Anyhow, we barely even needed the vegetables (like you ever *need* vegetables), because the mac was perfect -- not too rich, not too heavy, just right! TubaDad agreed and his opinion is in the comments section of the previous post. After dinner we roused from the blissful food coma just long enough to open a surprise gift from TubaDad's sister and brother in law. Check out these mary-jane socks for Funshine! Have you ever seen cuter socks? Thanks guys! The icing on the cake was this little pink pillow from Lisa at our girls' coffee this morning. Heh. She picked it up after reading this slightly embarrassing post. I'll be proudly hanging the pillow on our door, which of course does not in any way, shape, or form indicate that I actually am a crazy cat lady. (*grin*). Thanks Lisa! Y'all take care and enjoy your weekends. And try the mac and cheese - you won't regret it!