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Tuesday, December 6, 2005

Adoption math under the influence, never a good idea

TubaDad won't be home till midnight because he's at tuba practice, I've coughed and blown my nose about eight thousand times since I woke up, I'm crabby about the referral blowouts and the fact that those I hold near and dear in the April DTC group will probably get passed over this month (AGAIN) because CCAA is doing another lame short referral month, and there's nothing good on TV tonight. So what do I do? A dangerous thing, my friends. Something no sane person should do, especially while under the influence of heavy duty cold medicine. What is this dangerous thing? It's the dreaded adoption math!!! It's evil, addictive, not rewarding at all, and takes you in circles. Here's the fruit of my labor, my beautiful little spreadsheet. I'm only sharing it to save you some time in case you too were going to waste spend an entire evening assembling this type of info. The top part shows this year's referral info from my agency. The bottom is pure pipedreams. Anyhow, what's interesting to me is that you can clearly see where CCAA started slowly and stealthily adding a smidge of time here and a smidge of time there until the referral times were suddenly bloated. The "funny" part is that after spending hours on this (the nose blowing really slowed me down) I still got to the exact same conclusion as before: we have absolutely NO IDEA when our referral will come in, it all depends on what happens to each individual group before us. Gee, what a useful spreadsheet, now where's my dang NyQuil?