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Monday, December 12, 2005

Did anyone catch the latest Will and Grace?

Just finished my dinner of cereal and mini peanut butter cups (don't ask), and sat down to watch Will and Grace from last week. Whooeee, someone could have warned me this one was a little controversial. I was actually shocked, and not because of the usual racy gay jokes or sizzling Karen/Jack banter that usually just skirts the edge of what they can actually say on tv. Nope, this time they actually featured a little girl adopted from China. And it was pretty funny, in my opinion. I'm sure it's going to hack off a whole bunch of people because the humor could be taken in the wrong way, but I think the writers intentionally tried to spotlight the misguided views or wacked out things people say about adopted kids. And frankly if it makes people think, that's a good thing in my book. Anyhow here's the script (it might not be exact because I was scribbling it on a napkin): Will's brother walks in with his son and his daughter (Kacey). Will's mom in an aside to Grace: "She's adopted. But I like her as if she were real." I gasped at this and my mouth dropped open, but then I sort of processed it and realized the writers were poking fun at the mom and how thoughtless/shallow she typically is. Which is actually kind of cool if you think about it. Then Will carried Kacey over to his mom and she said "Hi grandma" and the mom said "Oh hi sweetheart" and gave her a kiss on the cheek or something but then walked over to Will's brother and said "You know, I think she should call me Marilyn. Her real grandmothers in China might get upset." And Will's brother said "Mom, you are her real grandmother. And thank you for hugging her instead of bowing to her like you did at Thanksgiving." Yikes. Right on the edge there, NBC. Right on the edge... Anyhow, did anyone else see it? What'd you think?