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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Fun in the desert sun

Just got back from a weekend jaunt to Arizona where we had a blast with little bro Bobby and his wife Jane. They have a stylin' new pueblo house we just had to check out. Funshine is really going to dig having these two as aunt and uncle. First off, they're great people, but second, they play hard with all the things that make kids' eyes light up: bikes, motorcycle, boat, pool, puppy dog, lighted bocce ball and horseshoe sets, ping pong table, trampoline, volleyball, and well shoot anything that you can make a game out of. TubaDad and I have already decided we're just sending Funshine out to the "cool" aunt and uncle's house every year to learn how to be athletic. (I just hope the kiddo actually wants to come home after all that fun!) We loved going out on the lake -- here I am grinning my fool head off as my bro ignores all posted speed limits and recklessly passes the sissy slow boaters on the lake (yes the lead foot runs in the family). We also toured a funky little ghost town and found an entire shop devoted to salsa! TubaDad was in heaven. Our favorite was one called "Pappy's Salsa: So Friggin' Hot You'll Go Blind!" closely followed by "Colon Cleanser." (No we didn't bring any home, we were too afraid.) One other huge trip highlight: I got to meet Colleen (of Journey to Mary) and her spritely daughter Olivia! What fun. We met for lunch -- which was way too short because I felt like I could have talked to Colleen for days she is just that cool -- and then she whisked me to the Circle K for some emergency chocolate rations. (We now call her the angel of chocolate.) By the way, if any of you have the desire or the chance to connect with fellow adoptive parents or bloggers, do it! I never expected friendships to come out of this blog. It was just a way to keep our friends and family informed during the ups and downs of the crazy adoption process. But this blog has somehow brought amazing new friends into my life and I cherish each one. You all know who you are (near and far, in person and electronic), and I'd like to wish you each a Happy Chinese New Year today!