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Tuesday, February 7, 2006

More chocolate, less math!

I don't know what it is lately but I feel like I'm just hanging around waiting for something big to happen. Maybe it's that post-referral letdown or maybe the shock of hearing that agencies are telling parents to expect 12 months from login to referral (so July LIDs like us would get our referrals in July?!), or maybe it was just harder to celebrate that one year adoption kickoff anniversary than I anticipated. Whatever the reason, I keep looking over my shoulder half expecting something to pop up and relieve this faint glum tension. Don't get me wrong, we've been really busy and are having lots of fun (surprise bday lunch with gal pals, fresh air and exercise, breakfasting with great friends, superbowl party with friends and family and enough food for an army, etc.) it's just... something... Oh well, one foot in front of the other and when in doubt, more chocolate, right? Speaking of chocolate, I asked TubaDad to take the rest of the Superbowl leftovers to the office today so I wouldn't put myself in an insulin coma eating nothing but sweets all day. And when I walked downstairs he had carefully taken it all with him leaving just this on the counter. Love him! As for those untenable agency rumors, let the record show that I completely discount them. Completely!!!! I did the complicated math on my fingers (we've talked about my math skillz before, remember, so no need to raise an eyebrow now), and once again here is how I see the referrals playing out. I present three options for your viewing pleasure: Option A (apparently I'm the only one who believes in this option so we might as well call it Option M3); Option B (an okay option... but doesn't make me jump up and down or anything because it's too loosey goosey); and just for illustrative purposes to show you how (hopefully) ludicrous it is, Option C, based on the agencies doom and gloom prophesies. See how easy it is when you count it out on your fingers? There's just no way Option C makes any sense, right? Yeah, that's what I thought. Okay then, no reason to be glum, we'll continue to expect our referral in April. Alright, off to go put a dent in that sweet happy face TubaDad left on the kitchen counter. If you know of any reason why Option C might actually be possible, please don't tell me, I'd like to cling to my illusions. ;-)