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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Wow, the stork must be tired this month! *

And they said it wouldn't happen! Well a second batch of rib-ticklingly good January referrals has landed this week, and boy are they cute. Congratulations everyone!!! For those of us still in the middle of the loooooong wait, I've found these new family web sites to satisfy your cravings for progress. Introducing the newest babes on the block at: - Countdown to Savannah (Savannah) - Our Adoption Process (Langley) - Bachman Family Adoption (Natalie) - Once Upon a Cadence (Cadence) - Journey to Mia (Mia) And (I think) these ones should be coming any day now!: - Rhonda and Company (Lizzie) - Mei Ling's Journey (Mei) The referrals coming in this week are for families whose paperwork was logged into China from April 26 to May 13. You can also view the April and May group web sites for additional referral photos from people who don't have web sites, but you have to dig a bit. Predictions for the future? I'm still standing by the NyQuil spreadsheet. So I stubbornly refuse to change my prediction that July LIDS (that's us!) will get referrals in April. Yes that's optimistic. No it's not based on fact. No I can't guarantee it will happen. Yes it will only happen if a referral batch comes out in February despite predictions that CCAA is closed down for Chinese New Year. Yes my chart counts on the fact that they get back to full months of referrals after February. But I really, really WANT it to happen (spoken through gritted teeth). And look at the fun, pretty colors I used to highlight what I want in this spreadsheet. Anyhow, so here it is, my crystal ball in Excel form, updated with the latest round of referrals. Enjoy: *** Updated post at 9pm to add an additional referral named Mia!