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Monday, January 23, 2006

Not all creative geniuses were recognized in their time

OK, I have made creative progress in the nursery and against my better judgement, and knowing that I will be mocked mercilessly, I am going to share it with you. It won't shock anyone to hear that this questionably domestic diva doesn't sew, right? It's just not my thing. And if you don't sew, well you probably don't know how to measure fabric for sewing projects. You see where this is going... When good friend Maggie and I purchased the fabric for the nursery we spent hours in that damn store analyzing pattern instructions and draping fabric over chaises (about the same size as a crib, right?), and then we proudly came home with 15 yards of the most expensive fabric in the universe. Yes 15 yards. Go ahead and laugh. Get it all out. I've heard laughing for the past 2 months, I'm used to it by now. Mom and Mom-in-Law gamely sewed a crib skirt, then curtains and valances, and even measured out fabric for a changing pad cover, but good gawd the fabric would not run out. So Maggie and I came up with a brilliant and cunning plan to use up the rest of the fabric: a custom, handmade shower curtain that we would fashion with our own hands. Oh yes I'm serious - a shower curtain. This simple little project took the two of us almost an entire day. There was grunting, criminally inaccurate measuring, pins stuck through fingers, creative new curse words, and hammering of extremely complex grommet thingamajigs. Oh and some sewing, which actually was the easy part compared to the rest of that torture. But in the end, we were victorious!!! Behold our creative masterpiece, and let the mocking begin!:

Note #1: We still have about 1 yard of fabric left, so if we don't come up with any other brilliant ideas Funshine is either going to get a little lime green coat or a pair of slippers. I will not be defeated by this fabric! Note #2: If my hairdresser is reading this, yes I cut my own bangs again after you specifically told me never to do it again. Yes I can see from the picture that they are very crooked and I know that I am an embarrassment to you. I am dialing your number right now to make a corrective appointment!