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Sunday, February 12, 2006

Calling all fortune tellers, soothsayers, and good guessers

Most of our friends on this crazy adoption rollercoaster have some idea of what their families will look like at the end. They can close their eyes and picture themselves (always slightly skinnier and much more photogenic of course) holding a tiny, giggling little baby girl from China. They just have to glance at the blissful new families formed by adoption and they can easily see themselves in that exact same situation. But we've always had a little bit of difficulty with this. The biggest problem is that we didn't have any strong preferences and thought we'd be carefree and adventurous and not specify a gender or a number. So our application to China looked something like this: Dear China, we would be so honored to adopt and love one baby girl, or one baby boy, or baby girl twins, or baby boy twins, or one of each, or heck any other combo you see fit to suggest. I'm kidding, sort of, but that fact is that we could be referred one child or twins, of either gender. And that makes it really hard to picture our future family (let alone settle on naming, nursery decorations, or clothes). So I've drawn a little South Park schematic of the options (you know I'm big on sketching out all possible options!) with the help of Janina's awesome site. Without further ado, here is an animation of the 5 different possibilities for how our family might look like next year: southparkanimation2 *Thanks to Scott for the cartooning idea, which I saw on his blog. Ok, so you've seen all the options, now's your chance to play fortune teller. What do you think our family will look like after we've traveled to China and back? Will we have one little girl or boy, or girl or boy twins? (Oh, and will I win the lottery this month?)