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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

One, two, buckle my shoe - three, four, wait some more

Well the clock keeps ticking and we plod further and further into the wait, which I guess is a good thing because it means we're getting closer, right? As of yesterday our massive pile of paperwork (with the excruciatingly bad passport photos) has been logged in to China for seven months. Yep, seven. To pass the time when I get start to get hyperantsy, I plop down in a comfy recliner with my laptop, and read all my favorite blogs. Then I make a big bowl of popcorn and log in to all the Yahoo adoption groups to see who's fighting with who this week. (I'm kidding. Those who know me know that I don't eat popcorn. Heh.) I also closely follow the progress of friends who have "passed to the other side." Like Tink, who is in China right now with her adorable new daughter, or Stacey or Susan who are practically boarding airplanes right this minute. There, see, now you've got something to read today too. Oh, and I know how you guys are about competitions, so here's one more thing to keep us all busy during the wait. My mom-in-law, Linda, sent us a fun Chinese trivia game. Here's the first set of questions for you: 1. Who seized control of the Chinese communists during the Long March? 2. Which deity ascends to heaven once a year to report on the family? 3. What is the third-longest river in the world? 4. An attempt to outlaw this substance led to war with Britain in 1839 5. Kids: What tall plants do giant pandas eat? 6: Kids: According to Chinese legend, she became a general in the Chinese army. Who is she? To see the answers, use your mouse to select and highlight the white space below between the two sets of asterisks: *** 1. Mao Zedong (You totally get credit for just knowing the first name, by the way, since this is my game and my rules!) 2. The Kitchen God (Anyone read that book by Amy Tan? Love her!) 3. Yangtze River (yeah, no way I would have gotten this one...) 4. Opium (Hm, no I wasn't thinking tea, nope, not me.) 5. Bamboo (Yesssss! *pumping fist in air* I am as smart as a kid!) 6. Mulan (Cool, those Disney movies are paying off!) *** Well, how'd you do? Please report back in the comments section so we can see who wins today's challenge. (No I will not be smirking if you report a low score, I only got 3 right and two were the Kid ones for Pete's sake!)