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Monday, March 6, 2006

Forget the freaky hailstorm, this is BIG news!!!

The CCAA has updated its web site and we (the July LIDs) are officially out of the Review Room and IN THE MATCHING ROOM!!! Oh man, I just can't stay away from that CAP key, I am dancing around the room in excitement and my fingers are kind of trembly - frankly it's a little hard to type. ;-) This means we have passed the Review Room with flying colors. That's right, apparently they didn't feel the need to question TubaDad about why he picked the tuba (quite possibly the heaviest instrument I have ever seen) instead of something small and easy like, say, the clarinet. And they also didn't have any questions for me about my lack of cooking skills or the fact that we sometimes go an entire week without eating vegetables (well except for the tomatoes in salsa - that counts, right?). So hooray, no glaring flaws with our paperwork and we are now kicking back in the exclusive MATCHING ROOM! I feel so privileged. I wonder what the actual room looks like? Is it beautifully decorated like a star's dressing room on a famous tv show? The last place that star rests before walking out onstage to greet her public? I bet there are comfy chairs, nice wine, and hip music in our matching room. Oh, and the folders. Well the folders must be placed in some highly protected place, maybe behind glass to show off their beauty or cradled on a little fur throne to avoid accidental moisture (from a stray coffee cup) or wrinkling. Ahhhhhh, I bet it's beautiful and full of joy. And I can't wait to burn rubber out of there! Ha. That's because the next step (the step of all steps) is that the kind and wise people at the CCAA will match us with a child or children and send our referral information to our agency! We just had a batch of referrals on Feb 27 and it included LIDs from May 14 through May 25. So let's assume (blindly hope) the next batch comes around March 25 and includes May 26 through June 31. That would mean that sometime in April we COULD GET OUR REFERRAL!!! (Shoot, there are those trembly fingers and CAP key again.) Um, suddenly I feel a little panicky about those To Do lists I've have been petulantly ignoring since the slowdown. Am I the only one who doesn't yet own diapers, a stroller, a registry at Babies R Us, a legal will, a packing list or any of those things the really prepared parents have?! Oh wait, I do have one thing. Feast your eyes on this "beauty" ---> You're speechless, aren't you? Have you ever seen anything like it? Yeah, me neither. But *that* is the one thing so far I have purchased for the trip. So no worries, the other stuff will get done somehow, because I (with my gharishly bright ladybug-festooned suitcase) am ready for China! I just hope everyone is ready for us. *grin*