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Monday, March 13, 2006

We're baaaaaaaack...

Did you miss us? Just kidding -- my own mother didn't even know we were gone. One of TubaDad's favorite groups was playing at the Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles and he was just dying to hear them and see the inside of that gorgeous new hall, so we booked an impromptu trip down south for the weekend. It was so spontaneous that we accidentally forgot to tell anyone about it. And it wasn't until we were sitting on the taxiway Saturday morning that I panicked thinking that not one single soul knew we were on this flight. (Yes I've been reading too many suspense novels...) So I grabbed the cell phone and frantically started dialing. The first one to pick up was my little brother and I blurted out "Bobby - we're on a plane and no one knows we're traveling, so just in case remember that we're on the 9am flight from xxx to LAX today. Gotta go, the flight attendants are glaring at us." And what do I hear back in response? "Ahhhhhh, noooooooooo! Why did you call ME?!!! You know I have such a crappy memory. If anything happens, in a couple of weeks the folks will be calling around and they'll ask if I've heard from you and I'll just say something like 'Huh? No, nothing. Maybe they're already in China.'" Oh god, I nearly died laughing. And the funniest thing is that it's so true. The trip was a huge success. The concert was phenomenal, the hall (OMG the architecture!) was insanely cool. And the best part is that we ran into TubaDad's good friend Ken on the freeway. We had just landed and were driving on the 405 toward our hotel when TubaDad casually said "Ken and Renae live in this area. Oh, there's Ken's car." I kid you not. So we screeched across the freeway, broke about 8 traffic laws, and tailed Ken to a local taco shop where we shocked the hell out of him. It was awesome! After cooking us a mouthwatering dinner later that night, Ken and Renae gave us tickets to this nomadic museum called Ashes and Snow that was set up just steps away from our hotel. Whahoooo, it sounded right up our alley, so we changed our flight and stayed a few extra hours on Sunday. And man was it worth it! If that museum comes to your area and you don't go see it, well you're just plain crazy. A few other trip highlights that made us grin: - Amazing icecream sandwiches at Diddy Riese. Pick your cookie type, pick your icecream flavor, and they make it right in front of you. For a BUCK! Good gawd. - The gorgeous ocean sunset from our balcony. - A cute little tin in the mini-bar that we *thought* was a package of mints but turned out to be an "Intimacy Kit" (ahem). - And last, but not least, a doggie-friendly hotel menu. (Wow, some pooches live the high life: fifteen bucks for a hamburger and fries for your dog?!) All in all an awesome trip. Made even more so by the fact that we didn't plan a thing and just went with the flow. And what a good flow it turned out to be. This was probably (fingers crossed!!!) our last trip without Funshine, and I think we went out with a bang. :-) PS: I'm just bowled over by the love and support in the comments on the last post. Thank you so much, you guys are incredible. You made me laugh, made me cry, and made me actually believe that we're going to make it through this incredibly long referral wait.