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Tuesday, May 23, 2006

All sorts of embarrassing admissions

So I couldn't decide whether to admit this or not, but I screwed up the date of our anniversary. Yes, it's hard to believe I could be that dense. Apparently it's not tonight, it's Thursday (the 25th). Oh well, now you know. I'm the kind of person who doesn't even get the date of her own wedding anniversary right. Good thing TubaDad loves me. After realizing the error, we decided to celebrate tonight and Thurs night, by the way, so apparently our relationship will survive this embarrassing blow. Tonight's celebration, as planned, involved copious amounts of junk food (banana split pie!!!) and a blissful hour in front of the boob tube watching AI. Ahhhhhh. Any celebration you can attend in a ponytail, sweats, and fuzzy slippers is a good one in my book. As for our opinion on "American Idle" tonight, TubaDad and I are on opposite sides. That's right folks, we are cancelling out each other's votes right this very second. Frankly, Taylor said that uber cheesy "Soul Patrol" one too many times, and I vowed to vote for Kat. (I liked her singing better than his tonight anyhow, but I would have switched on that one thing alone. Yeah I'm fickle.) I did LOVE Taylor's purple jacket. TubaDad found this web site called dialidol.com that predicts the winners based on how many busy signals their system detects and right now it's showing that Taylor is crushing Kat. We'll see... In other slightly humiliating news, we shelled out big bucks for tickets to the American Idol Live Tour in August. Hey stop laughing -- they were really hard to come by, so I know we're not the only manic fans out there! And besides, how jealous will you all be when I make meaningful eye contact with Chris? The funny thing is I was telling my friend Maggie that the new referral announcement came out today from China and I did a bunch of scenarios to figure out when we *might* get a referral and travel, and the first words out of her mouth were "Oh no, do any of those conflict with the American Idol concert?!" Ha!!! Love it.