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Thursday, May 25, 2006

I think I'm going to mess up the date every year!

This 3 days of anniversary celebrating was the best! You probably want me to cut to the chase (Idol dishing and some anniversary pics), so here goes. Idol Finale Recap, Top 10 Thoughts: 1. Thought the video montage of Simon was hilarious, but they could have easily topped it with a montage of Paula's most incoherent moments. (Oh wait, that was all of them...). 2. Those hot twins? I KNEW they had a tv career (or a Playboy shoot) ahead of them after Idol. 3. Was anyone else creeped out by 12-year-old Paris and 80-year-old Al Jarreau singing "We're in this love together"?! 4. Pickler, that's ok honey, I wouldn't eat a snail either. 5. That Meatloaf guy/singer looked like a huge letch. I think Kat was a little afraid he was going to grab her during the song. 6. Elliott looked and sang great in my opinion. Did anyone else think this was the most relaxed and most personality he showed all season? 7. Ok, if someone gives me a new car I'm saying "thank you." I'm just sayin'... 8. Thought Carrie Underwood was great. (Kat should have done that stool-sitting thing instead of rolling around on the floor when she sang.) 9. I'm a sucker for cheesy, I teared up a little when the Brokenote Cowboy trio came out. Anyone else? 10. And the winner? Meh. Anti-climactic after Chris got voted off, but the finale was still great entertainment. Anniversary Highlights:
  • Pizza and Idol finale last night (like we would have missed it)
  • Golf therapy (uh, I mean golf lesson) today where we once again worked on relaaaaaaaxing. (At one point my instructor said "If you don't loosen that grip I'm going to beat you with the club. Oh god, hahhahaaha, that's not going to help you relax is it?!" and then we both shrieked with laughter.)
  • Dinner at the funky Shadowbrook restaurant in Capitola. They have a sideways elevator/tram thing that takes you down the hill, and the building is full of funny nooks, trees, waterfalls, and flowers.

Here's a quick tiny video of the tram ride (no I haven't learned how to use my camera very well yet) And here's a shot TubaDad took of us near some purdy flowers at the restaurant. Great time. We've been married 3 years today, and we've had so much fun it just flew by. It's hard to imagine that next year will be even more exciting, but I know it will. Year 4 (with kidlet) is going to be the best one yet. We might have to celebrate that anniversary for 4 days!