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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Idle Recap

Ok, I just watched American Idol (yeah I know I'm late, but hey, that's what Replay TV is for.) Anyhow, some quick thoughts before they air the results tonight: - First: Good god Priscilla Presley has had some bad plastic surgery. How old is she anyhow? I wouldn't have even thought to ask except that she must be old if she's had that much work done. - Taylor: It was a little weird when he was singing to that guitar player's, um, crotchal area in the first song. And you know how Chris said he wears boxer briefs? Well I'd bet good money that Taylor wears tightie whities. - Chris: Hot! And I'm not just talking about that heavy jacket he wore. I didn't even hear the first part of his second song because I was just staring at him. - Elliott: Not my cup of tea but he sounded pretty good on the second song. It's just that I was laughing the whole time as he was singing "I'm trouble! I'm evil!" Please. He weighs - what - maybe 93 pounds soaking wet? - Kat: Nice positioning of her money-maker in the camera to start off the first song. She knows who's voting for her. I liked the first song the best even though she had some trouble in the middle. - Whoa! Did you guys hear where Ryan basically called Paula a stripper by saying "I feel like I'm obligated to give her a dollar"?! Now that's good tv! Bottom line, I wouldn't buy a cd just to hear Taylor or Elliott sing. But I would probably cough up my sixteen bucks to hear Kat or Chris. So I'm hoping those two hang around for the final. My pick for the one going home tonight is... Elliott (but I'm a little worried that it might be Kat).