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Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Doing the happy dance (no, not for *that* reason)

Happy, happy, joy, joy, TubaDad's new tuba arrived yesterday! He could barely stand to go to work today and leave it home all alone. It's big, and shiny, and, uh, well it looks kinda like the old tuba if you ask me. But he's thrilled and that's what counts. It came in a body-sized box. Seriously. I could fit in there with at least one skinny friend or two hefty cats. tubaanimate Tried to make a music video but our real video camera had a dead battery (as usual) so I made do with the faux-video setting on my little snapshot camera. The sound is kinda buzzy and the picture is stretched all funky wide, but here you go (apologies in advance for my horrendous videographer skills - I promise I will get this figured out before China). The second song on there is for the kiddos, see if they can tell what it is: Oh, that reminds me, we were talking about my laughably low tolerance for high-pitched noises, and decided we should make a list of instruments our kiddo will be banned from playing. Yep, banned. Aren't we harsh? At the top of the "don't make mommy's ears bleed" list we have flute, piccolo (shudder), trumpet, and violin. Instruments that would be welcomed in our happy little home: tuba, cello, guitar, piano. There were a bunch more on both lists, but that's enough to give you a taste of our dictatorial plans. Mwa ha ha! So... any odd items/practices banned from your home?