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Monday, June 5, 2006

We were in hog heaven

We're back home and it's bloggin' time. So here's a quick post and then I've got to catch up on everything you all did while were were living it up in Texas. It was the ROT (Republic of Texas) biker rally in Austin, and you couldn't throw a rock without hitting a tough-looking Harley biker in leather or tie dye. They were in our hotel, in every restaurant, all over the roads. It was a crack up! The fabulous part was when we went downtown for icecream and saw the bikers parading up one end of 6th street and the Austin gay pride parade coming down the other end. Wow, that could have been ugly. Nothing happened though (as far as I know). It was so great to spend time with our family in Texas. On the last day, little Sarah looked around, smiled, and said (in her adorable teeny voice): "Our whole family is here." Couldn't have said it better myself. We did indeed eat our way through the state. Thanks for all your great suggestions for Mexican food, Bluebell & Amy's ice cream, catfish Po' Boys, and -- of course -- barbeque! We loved the Rudy's BBQ, which is served at a gas station (seriously). If you live nearby and don't go try some of their extra moist brisket, well you're just plain crazy. A big highlight of the trip was sharing drinks and stories with a cool Texas blogger and his friendly family. Before you peek at the link, anyone recognize the guy mugging it up in this picture with the huge plate of food? The plane ride home was pretty uneventful this time. I kept a tight grip on my M&Ms, and we restrained ourselves from "educating" the yokels who kept yanking our seat backs to heave themselves out of their seats. The last leg we sat next to a cute little girl traveling with her mom. At one point she looked right at us then said "Mommy? How come some people don't bring their little kids on the plane?" I couldn't help laughing a little to myself. We're trying honey. We're trying...