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Thursday, June 29, 2006

It must be getting close, I've started listing

Some people nest, I make lists. This last referral round lit a fire under me and I've been a blur of motion ever since. I've been working on my China "To Pack/To Do" list like a rabid squirrel. Polishing here, gnawing off a bit there, moving and removing the best items, hiding columns, gathering more info, doublechecking what I've got so far, frantically glancing around to see what other people are doing... And it's paying off. The list is now a shining thing of beauty. TubaDad thinks it's a little absurd, frankly. Although he's outwardly very supportive of the crazy lady he's living with, he really doesn't understand why he can't just pack the night before. (wild eyeball rolling) That's ok though, luckily I had the foresight to write down "finish packing 2 weeks in advance." And he knows better than to argue with The List. So far I've made trips to Target and Long's and you can not even believe how satisfying they were. I loaded up on silly things like disposable bibs, baby drugs, bowls with lids, and a whole bunch of other Very Important Stuff that is crucial for traveling. And I giggled and laughed and smiled at everyone in the store. I'm organizing it all in my horrendous unique ladybug suitcase, which makes me laugh even more. By the way, this suitcase is so cheap I don't even know if it'll make it to China in one piece. So if you're traveling with me and you're bringing duct tape, can I borrow a little? (It didn't make the cut on my list) Alrighty, off to go reformat my list a little more. I'm thinking that the medical column should be highlighted in red instead of yellow, and I'm not sure whether the laundry soap should be listed under equipment or clothing. I'm clearly going to have spend a lot more time on this after the holiday. Woohoo! Hope everyone has a great 4th of July.