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Monday, July 31, 2006

It's dragonfly season! (29 July referrals)

The first July Dragonfly referrals have landed and happy faces are popping up all over the web. Congratulations to all the new and expanded families and our friends all over the world: 1. Naked Ovary, Maya Chao-xing, 12 mos, Anhui province 2. Chasing Baby Kacey, Kacey Susan, 21 mos, Anhui province 3. Humphreys Family, Ning Shan, 11 mos, Hunan province 4. To Scout With Love, Scout, 13 mos, Guangxi province 5. Journey to Lily, Lilian Rui, 7 mos, Yunnan province 6. Waiting for Baby Freeman, Ping Ya Le, 8 mos, Jiangxi province 7. We're Paperwork Pregnant (music), Grace Nevaeh, 14 mos, Chongqing province 8. Skadoodle, Lu Yue Man, 11 mos, Anhui province 9. Belanich's Great Journey, Guang Si He, 10 mos, Jiangxi province 10. Hannah Ruth's Journey Home, Hannah Ruth, 8 mos, Jiangxi province 11. Cheese in China, Yu Li Juan, 8 mos, Chongqing province 12. The Princess Trainer, picture posted but no details 13. Brian and Becky, Fu Bao Wan, 11 mos, Chongqing province 14. Finding Zoe, Zoe, 14 mos, Anhui province 15. Table for Six, Shang-Guan Xin Shi, 6 mos, Jiangxi province 16. Our Journey East, Ling Xu Hong, 10 mos, Jiangxi province 17. Our Gift from China, Lesley, 11 mos, Hunan province 18. Waiting for Poppy, Poppy, 9 mos, Hubei province 19. Sasha Ping Lovitz, Sasha, 11 mos, Hunan province 20. Love Daughter Journey, Olivia Nelly, 8 mos, Jiangxi province 21. Knoll Family, Lee Joseph (Joey), 9 mos, Chongqing province (A boy!) 22. TF Family, Raenen Qian Chen, 9 mos, Jiangxi province 24. Story of Xan, Alexandria, 6 mos 25. Mary Joyce, Mary Joyce, 7 mos, Jiangxi province 26. Aidyn Landreth, Aiden, 6 mos, Jiangxi province 27. Lynne Ling Romanelli, Lynne, 10 mos, Jiangxi province 28. Chinaduet, Jin Fu Lei, 13 mos, Guangdong province 29. Price of Tea, "Baby Gogo", 8 mos, Jiangxi province Additional referrals will be added to this list for one week. Email me (addy in sidebar at right) if you know of another web site or if you have a referral picture you'd like me to post on our site (like #13, #19, #27 above). ReferralTracking19Referral Statistics: Here's a look at the past year and a half of referral data. (Click image to enlarge) Parents in this July referral group waited an average of 13 months from LID to referral, and this group included LIDs from June 29 through July 13 (15 days worth).